As a reputable NJ website design and advertising agency, we are noticing some large changes in the world of SEO and internet marketing. From multi- million dollar corporations to small business owners, here is the new term that you need to become familiar with: Content Marketing


What exactly IS content marketing?

It is the act of creating interesting and relevant information pertaining to a specific brand or area of expertise. This valuable information is meant to inform, entertain and grab the attention of the audience. Overall, this marketing technique is how a business is able to establish itself as a reliable and informative source. As an example, a skincare line would post informative and useful resources about things related to skin, not just the product itself.

How is that different than advertising?
An advertisement is meant to sell a specific product or service. It generally “rents” a space for a brief period of time in hopes of capturing a lead or customer. Content marketing “owns” the space by establishing practical and useful resources for consumers and interested parties to come back to. Google and other search engines appreciate this service and reward websites with a positive stamp of approval.

Why would my business need this?
This is an intricate and somewhat complicated question to answer. Each business, brand or product may benefit from this type of internet marketing in different ways. The thing that they all have in common: it establishes a soft approach to your specialty with valuable information and people appreciate that. If you inform, educate or entertain- you will stand out among the rest and customers will reward you with their business. Many of us are google-ing things instead of making phone calls to a business or specialist. When a consumer is able to locate an informative site, you tend to think of that company as a solid professional. Customers think to themselves “they really know what they are talking about”.

Who is doing this?
Large corporations such as Microsoft, John Deere, Cisco and many others are incorporating this practice into their SEO marketing plan. Have you noticed that many food manufacturers have additional pages on their websites now? Take for instance Kellogg’s brand. They discuss the benefits of grains and fiber- not just the product they are selling. They are educating the audience while simultaneously linking their products to that content. Kellogg’s is sharing information and establishing itself as a healthy choice and good food option. As the consumer we trust this information and feel more confident purchasing their product.

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What should I do now?
Spam out the old and content market the new…
Google and other search engines are changing the way that they rank and view websites. Take Google for example- they do not operate any differently than the rest of us. As a business, they want to be sure that they can offer the most reliable search result possible. They do not want to lose sponsors and paid advertisements because they are endorsing spam sites. As they become more advanced and apply algorithms to weed out the garbage, we must all make adjustments with them. For the record, there is no handbook, special formula or blue print handed out by search engines when they begin to make a change. So how do we know this? We are internet marketing specialists and NJ web design professionals. We build, launch and advertise websites from the ground up- therefore we can SEE it happening.

What should I stop doing?
Keyword cramming, similar/repetitive messages and continuous product placement is not going to get you very far. Read your ads and content to yourself; does it read as you would speak? If the answer is no, then remove it. So what should I add? Valuable CONTENT

We understand that many companies and businesses do not have the time for this type of marketing. Unfortunately that is precisely what many people are counting on. As an established NJ advertising agency, we are here to help. Contact us for a free evaluation and no obligation quote.