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    Social Image Marketing Service – Purpose Does It On Purpose

Social Image Marketing Service – Purpose Does It On Purpose

Purpose leads the Social Media Image Marketing Charge with new services that help unleash a companies Branded products and services. After extensive testing, the new services have proven to increase traffic from image-friendly websites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Do not let your products and service pictures sit on a Cyber-shelf when you could be sharing them to the right people at the best places for them to appreciate what you have to offer.

Pictures Sell It!

Early on in the Internet, pictures were slow to take off due to bandwidth […]

How can my Business Use #Hashtags for Marketing Purposes?

At #purposeadvertising, we are using #hashtags all over the place. Are you beginning to feel like these are just another version of Meta #keywords?

Here are some example tags below that we are utilizing for Purpose. Check these out and see how they interact with other sites. See what happens when you “share” this page on places like #Facebook or #Twitter. Be amazed.
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Content Distribution

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How to Optimize Your Website Structure and Design

A few quick tips and techniques to proper website Structure

Anyone can have a website. But it’s more than just having a site. It’s very important to make sure your site is easily accessible and visually interesting to visitors. If a website is jumbled and difficult to navigate it can easily deter future customers from doing business with you. If people can’t find the information or products they’re looking for with you, they’re likely to go elsewhere instead of contacting you directly.

how to optimize website infographicFor […]