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 Social Media Marketing for Business- A Beginners Guide – NJ SEO Company

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3 EASY Ways to Establish Your Business on Social Media 

 NJ SEO Company Shares Useful Tips

What exactly is Social Media Marketing? These are websites that consist of platforms and networking channels that link family, friends and past customers together together in a […]

8 Changes in 2015 search engine optimization – NJ SEO Company

NJ SEO Company

NJ SEO Company notices some big changes in 2015


SEO has changed in just a few short years, but the last year has seen significant movement.  NJ SEO Company takes a look at the current changes in SEO practices in 2015:

  1. People are demanding a better result of search result. It is estimated that approximately half of searchers expect to see a result within 2 seconds.
  2. Content must be high quality and […]