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Why Purpose Advertising Uses Blog Websites

We think, therefore we build blog websites for car dealerships.

Blog blog blog, you hear all about them but what are they and how can they help my website achieve a top placing in Google? Blog is short for web-log. Sort of an online diary of Internet postings.

We have developed some very successful websites using blogs for our clients. By successful, we mean they rank well in Google and get a ton of traffic. In some cases, the blog sites get 3x as much traffic as other websites. Google without a doubt favors websites with a blog compared to websites […]

Inbound Marketing for Dummies

Inbound Marketing- What is it and how does it work?

This is meant to be a very simple primer on how you can benefit from a new creative way to market your business.

Simply put, your companies inbound marketing goal is to have customers come to you, or take some definitive and measurable action based on the great or compelling content you have generated. If your goal is to earn the interest of your prospects by producing content of value, then you are on the right track. This is not a random approach or another way to […]

Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

Search Engine Optimization RIP

If you do a Google search for “SEO is dead” or “The death of Search Engine Optimization”, you will see may blog posts, articles, even some videos that are about the demise of this Internet Marketing technique. What makes this interesting is that there are many heavy hitters in the Optimization area that are now proclaiming some major illness or even talk of hearing a death rattle within. What we do know is that Google, over the past year, has really put some major changes in place. You may have heard the […]