9 Most Insane FACTS About Social Media Sites

Social Media is taking over the majority of internet, actually it already has. Google has realized this and incorporated social activity as a part of ranking factors for websites in their result pages. Everyone and their grandmother’s are using social media so if you’re a business owner, you better get with the social times.

Here are some disturbing FACTS about social media:

23% of Facebook users log in to their account at least 5 times daily.

Only 25% of Facebook users implement privacy settings, despite privacy concerns.

80% of all Pinterest […]

Easy Ways to Engage Your Customers on Social Media

Creating a Facebook page (social media) is a wonderful way for businesses to reach out to more current and potential customers. But, just creating a page is only the first step. To truly engage your fans on Facebook and peak their interest you must get them interested in what you have to say. Posting on your Facebook page on a regular basis is important, but it’s even more important to assure that what you post gets your fans talking or sharing.

Some of the best, and easiest, posts that get people talking can just be sharing some type of information. […]