Why Purpose Advertising Uses Blog Websites

We think, therefore we build blog websites for car dealerships.

Blog blog blog, you hear all about them but what are they and how can they help my website achieve a top placing in Google? Blog is short for web-log. Sort of an online diary of Internet postings.

We have developed some very successful websites using blogs for our clients. By successful, we mean they rank well in Google and get a ton of traffic. In some cases, the blog sites get 3x as much traffic as other websites. Google without a doubt favors websites with a blog compared to websites […]

Lead-Harvesting Custom Auto Dealer Websites

For nearly 10 years Purpose Advertising has been developing the most retail-focused dealer websites. Our only goal is to turn every website visitor into a lead. Surprisingly, industry standards have an extremely low conversion ratio, which results in only a small fraction of customers giving up their contact information. Purpose Advertising has tested hundreds of site configurations, designs, and tools to come up with our lead-harvesting custom car dealer websites. Contact us for pricing and options.

We offer:

  • Custom automotive designs including blog sites
  • Photos and brochures for every new vehicle including 360 degree […]

Internet Marketing Success Cheat Sheet for Car Dealers

Use this Automotive Internet marketing “cheat sheet” to see how your dealership is performing on the Internet. Are you conquering all of these areas and performing automotive internet marketing as well as your competitors? Although success or failure in these areas could imply that you need improvement, it does necessarily mean you are not an expert in your marketing area since so many other businesses and dealerships are failing to execute even a small portion of these requirements.

We built this simple checklist and refine it as needed to determine the “health” of a dealership’s website or marketing efforts. Many […]