9 Most Insane FACTS About Social Media Sites

Social Media is taking over the majority of internet, actually it already has. Google has realized this and incorporated social activity as a part of ranking factors for websites in their result pages. Everyone and their grandmother’s are using social media so if you’re a business owner, you better get with the social times.

Here are some disturbing FACTS about social media:

23% of Facebook users log in to their account at least 5 times daily.

Only 25% of Facebook users implement privacy settings, despite privacy concerns.

80% of all Pinterest […]

The Best and Worst Super Bowl 2013 Commercials

Coming in at #1 as the worst commercial in the 2013 Super Bowl is….

Go Daddy! Their “Perfect Match” commercial is just one of the most awful things to watch. This is where model Bar Rafaeli and a nerd named Walter kiss grossly for a good 10 seconds. The kiss is really sloppy and makes awful wet noises. What is really bad about this commercial is that there’s absolutely nothing sexy about Go Daddy, in any way possible. They offer fair to par webhosting services. What’s sexy? Definitely not this…