Did you Know? Marketers are spending 67% more advertising dollars on Social Media than the prior year?
Social Media Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

It’s All About The Network

Not only are today’s Social Media networks prone to rapid changes that reflect the fickle and ever-changing trends of our society, your choices are virtually multiplying as we speak.

To put this in context, the highly popular Facebook and Twitter are only two of thousands of new websites and emerging technologies that connect you with other people and with the products and services people are looking for.

So our Purpose is to help you harness the specific social platforms that work best for your company…and to implement a strategic Social Media Plan that increases sales and helps you grow your business.

What Are Your Social Media Goals and Metrics

While this question may seem pretty basic, it’s amazing how many companies forge head first into new social media profiles without a specific goal or objective in mind. Often their expectations are sky high.

But in the sudden rush to create relevant and compelling content for their various sites, topics, prospects, audiences and the users they are trying to connect with, companies are unprepared for the onslaught…and results can be dismal.

Create A Consistent Message Over All Your Networks

Your message is critical to the credibility of your business and to establishing yourself as an expert. As with all branding, marketing and advertising efforts, it is vital to speak to your strengths and develop benefit-oriented content if you hope to grow your followers and friends.

It is also important to keep your expectations realistic. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, keep in mind that just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. You gotta have a plan to lure them in.

Social Marketing Demands A Plan

Some Of The Components Of Our Social Marketing Planning:

  • Pinpoint The Main Components Of Your Social Media Plan
  • Determine Realistic Expectations And Measurable Goals
  • Confirm Your Audience and Targeted Networks
  • Research The Market Demand And Popular Topics
  • Build A Strategic Plan and Calendar Of Activities
  • Plan and Create Social Content and Copy
  • Review Analytics and Accountability

Social Media does not have to be overwhelming or frustrating. When you know what your goals are – and have a strong strategic plan in place – you can have lots of fun, meet new people, make valuable connections and gain new clients and more business in the process.

Be sure to ask us about our Pain-Free Social Media Review.

Because success with Purpose is not something you stumble into. We do it on Purpose.
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