Did you Know? There is more information collected on your customers than ever before, and it is growing exponentially.
Blueprinting Helps You Profile and Understand Your Best Prospects

pros·pect  [ˈprɒspɛkt] n. A potential customer, client, or purchaser.

blue·printing  [ˈbluːˌprɪnt] n. To make a detailed plan of action.

Purpose Advertising’s Customer Profile Metrics helps you pinpoint your target audience in as much detail as possible so we can develop an effective marketing strategy. A strategy that understands the habits and behaviors of your best customers, penetrates their minds, and worms its way into the hearts of those who are making the purchasing decisions.

Well I’ll Be ”DARN-ed “– How Blueprinting Helps You Qualify Prospects!

Desire: How much does your prospect actually want what you are selling…and how does your product answer the call?

Authority: Are you talking to the decision maker or does this purchase need additional approval?

Resources:  Is there a budget for your services or are you just wasting everyone’s valuable time?

Need: Is this an urgent or necessary purchase – one that your prospect really needs – and how can you fulfill the demand?

Make A Strong Connection

Analyzing the demographics of your ideal prospects, best clients and most loyal customers is critical to success. Some important considerations include age, gender, income, budget, interests, needs, lifestyle, goals and desires. The more specific you can get, the better you can reach potential buyers with messages that appeal to their particular habits, tastes, likes and dislikes – and reach them through their favorite advertising media of choice.

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