Did You Know? Keyword Research can predict user behavior. There are certain phrases which separate buyers from tire kickers.
Key Words Are Key If You Want Customers To Find You

Everyone “Googles” information, businesses, product or service reviews and so much more. Understanding the key words and phrases that prospects enter into search engines is crucial.  Each keyword search is a gold mine of information in the right hands. We can identify the best keywords for your business.

What you do with the research is the key to today’s success in Advertising.

Keyword Research is absolutely essential to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, it can accurately predict the success or failure of your marketing and advertising campaigns. So much information can be gleamed from understanding customers search queries and patterns of behavior online. Great research comes with a great responsibility for you to use it wisely for the benefit of your company or business.

At Purpose Advertising, we take a very analytical approach to Keyword Research. Our Purpose is to research and identify exactly which keywords are being used by your customers and assemble a plan to help you achieve top position in the major search engines. Then, work to harvest and convert that traffic; turning tire kickers into buyers in just a few clicks.

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  • Products and Service Keywords: Identify the words, phrases, topics and terms your prospects might use to find your main offerings.
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis: Who is your competition targeting? What are their key words? Are there some non-trademark phrases you can hone in on?
  • Synonym Research: Find the many variations and common phrases that relate to your business. Sometimes, specific word phrasing can demonstrate intent or desire to purchase.
  • Industry Speak: What phrases do others in your industry use to search and might these phrases attract more customers to you?
  • Golden Oldies: Are there any older, expired, discontinued, past products and services, or outdated phrases that people may still be searching for?
  • Problems and “Need” Phrases: Are people looking for solutions to specific problems that you can address? Are there time sensitive phrases that can help resolve their urgent needs?
  • Highlight Benefits: Some customers use superlatives in their searches for your products and services such as better, faster, #1, strongest and best.
  • Negative Phrases and Terms: It is equally important to identify keywords and phrases that you do not want to associate with your business – such as gambling, alcohol, drug terms, or other phrases.

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