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3 EASY Ways to Establish Your Business on Social Media 

 NJ SEO Company Shares Useful Tips

What exactly is Social Media Marketing? These are websites that consist of platforms and networking channels that link family, friends and past customers together together in a social environment. From a business perspective, it is a way of reaching a much larger audience and approaching past customers in a friendly, nonthreatening way. This type of socialization provides a soft approach to gaining a network of people who may have not otherwise known you were open for business. The purpose behind this type of advertising and public profile is to remind your audience of who you are and what you do. As a NJ SEO company, we have seen leads come in to social media sites through messages or emails from customers who were grateful to have “rediscovered” them. This basic soft approach will create an established foundation in the minds of the audience so that they refer back to you when they are in need of what you provide.

Here are common and easy ways to use these platforms:

  • Answer Questions or write Frequently Asked Questions (and answer them)
  • Announce Special Offers, Sales Events or Promotional Contest/Campaign
  • Share resources such as tips, help links or useful information pertaining to the business
  • Interact directly with customers, thank those for following or participating in your business
  • Share photos of your service, product or business

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For Beginners: Establish a profile or page with these TOP 3 sites

TIP: Begin one at a time and do not overwhelm yourself by trying to master each and every one all at once. Establish a good foundation for one and then move onto the next. This type of marketing should be done right- so be sure to check your grammar, spelling, quality of photos and include the correct contact information.


Many of you already have a FB profile; did you know that you can establish a page under your existing profile? Here is the best part about this-it is FREE.

Log into your Facebook account, click on the icon on the top left hand corner and choose “create page”. As far as social media sites are concerned, this one is the easiest to create a business page with, as it will walk you through each and every step.

FB Tips:

  • Create a business page separate from your personal page-
  • Post once a week – and try not to make too many “sales pitches”
  • Share info and pictures of your work with descriptions and links back to your website (if you have one)
  • Ask friends to like your page and research and friend request past customers
  • Ask for reviews to be posted to your page



This can be a little bit more challenging to set up for those who are not familiar with this platform. However, it is worth the time to upload your business information and pictures and begin to follow people in your area. Although you will be limited to the amount of characters you can use, sharing photos and/or short and sweet information can be very beneficial to your business.

Twitter Tips:

  • Follow as many people as you can within your service area
  • Participate in others content and share relevant info
  • Forward or re-direct traffic back to your FB page (look at your setting on Twitter)
  • Always #hashtag your keywords so that people can search for your business type or product. Hashtag Example:  if you are a hairdresser, you may want to hashtag words like – #haircuts #hairstyles #hair #design #promhair


This is a FUN and easy way to network with people that you know. The great thing about this social platform is that it allows you to link to others, such as Facebook. You can find customers, friends and family and follow them very easily. This is more of an inspirational site and allows you to “pin” things related to your business onto a “board”. Using a hairdresser as an example again, you may want to create a board and call it “Prom Hair”. Under this board, you will post pins that represent different ways that you can style and design hair for the prom. Upload your own images and add comments about where you are located and how a customer could reach you. Create as many boards as you would like, but BE SURE to post pins to them. Followers like to follow FULL boards, not ones that only contain a few different photos.

This social media platform is excellent for service providers such as:

  • Landscapers
  • Home Improvement
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Contractors (of every type)
  • Fashion and Jewelry Design
  • Interior Design
  • SEO Company or Internet Advertising Agency
  • Fashion and Beauty Consultants
  • Painters
  • Graphic Design and Artists
  • Stores and e-commerce sites


As a reputable NJ SEO company, we pride ourselves in working with many local businesses  who are just beginning to realize the influence of internet advertising. We offer many packages and user friendly plans to assist your company in establishing a profiles, pages and local influence over your targeted region.  We do not outsource and work directly with you to get the results that you are looking for. Click here to request more information.