search engine optimization tips

 Establishing Solid SEO Practices With These Tips


Ranking algorithms that are utilized by Google have become more sophisticated and ultimately harder to interpret. For the sake of explanation, here are a few things that you should do (and not do) when it comes to SEO marketing


Make sure to: Add relevant and entertaining information relating to your business practice or product.

Be sure you do not: Add filler and word stuffed content for the sake of ranking for a keyword or territory

Always: Label and tag your media and photos with relevant words. For example, do not label the following photo as “photo 1”- instead this would be properly named “automotive marketing”

automotive marketing

Please do not: Steal or plagiarize information from other sources. Keep your content relevant, easy to read and YOURS.

Try hard to: Interact with customers by thanks them, posting a mention or respond to a private message through any of the social sites.

Try not to: Duplicating the same exact link to all of the social media giants seems like the targeted audience is being sold something, and they don’t like that.

You should start to: Individually post each with a hand selected introduction to the link.

Never: Buy backlinks or use a back link service, these could tank your site.

Always: Share your information on social media sites. Be sure to engage, respond and entertain your audience. Always speak honestly and share information that is useful to people without trying to oversell or pressure.


What should content marketing be about?

  • Current events related to the product or business
  • Breaking news or new offerings
  • Specials and sales events
  • Do-it-yourself steps and techniques
  • Tips and tricks of the trade
  • Inside scoop on the “in’s and out’s “of the business

Brand awareness is an important part of search engine marketing that should not be missed. Content distribution continues to be one of the largest components to SEO as more and more users are led to articles and useful resources and actually engage. Be sure you are branding articles, media and videos as well as headlines and galleries on all onsite posts so that your name is front and center when users are present. A targeted audience should never have to search for the author, it should be clear.  If you engage the user, the user will refer to your business as a reliable and useful source. This in turn converts the user to a consumer. This consumer will continue engage, remain loyal and even share your page. This entire action signals search engines (such as Google) and establishes the page as a relevant and reliable source for the topic or product. This system will organically push your company further and further to the top of the pile.

If you have any interest in contacting a professional search engine optimization company to organically lift your business to the top, click here. We would be more than happy to discuss our marketing practices and pricing options/packages for SEO services.