Search Engine Optimization Services and NJ Web DesignFor the record, we do not like the saying “for dummies”. If you are reading this in hopes of learning something and/or expanding your business, you are not a dummy. Now that we got that out-of-the-way, let’s get started.

The Basics: Search Engine Optimization Services & Blogging 

What is website ranking ?

Plain English: Your site is given a “grade” (rank) based on a list of things that search engines look for  (such as Google).

What is the list of things they look for?

It is not as simple as you may think, there is no such “list”. Google has created complex formulas (referred to as algorithms) that grade (rank) your website.

How do they grade it?

They send out a group of encrypted sensors (also known as spiders) that scan and read (crawl) the web pages. While they are evaluating (crawling) the pages, they have specific indicators and alerts (that no one is provided) that will determine the quality of your site.  Based on this information, you may be ranked as high quality, fairly informative or totally useless.

Why do they do that?

When trying to understand this process, keep in mind that Google is a business, too. What do you think would happen if we searched for something (Googled it) and the list of sites they provided were outdated, irrelevant or spam? We would stop using Google to search for things, wouldn’t we? This is why they continuously monitor, track and rate sites. Make sense?

What does that have to do with SEO?

Ok, so we know that Google will be evaluating our pages and ranking our performance, so let’s talk about SEO (search engine optimization). Break down those terms one by one. You are optimizing (enhancing) your web pages to please the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on).  What pleases these internet giants is precisely where many users “get lost”. There are literally over 100 things that they could be evaluating and tracking. HOWEVER, here are a few examples of the “big ones”:nj web design company and seo

  • Backlinks
  • Anchor Text
  • Traffic/ Views
  • Social Media
  • Fresh and Informative Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Regular Updates
  • Keywords
  • News, Events and Relative Content

SEO is not a “thing”- it is an act. For instance, when you blog about a topic relevant to your business (write and post on your site), this is part of the act. It can be overwhelming and complex for those just learning, but it is something every business should be doing. For those who are less experienced and can benefit from professional help, click here>  NJ web design and search engine optimization services.  


5 Things You Must Know about Blogging

1. You should have the ability to blog on your own site/domain/hosting. Sure, free blogging platforms are great, but when it comes to linking back to your website it should START at your website.

2. Your posts and articles must be original and not copied and pasted. We know that you learned this in school when you wrote research papers, but it is even stricter now. No, you can’t change a few words (from content you found online) and think that will prevent you from plagiarizing.

3. Use your own thoughts, ideas, words and photos. We recommend that you do proper research, if necessary. You do not have to be a savvy writer to take on this role, just an honest one.

4. Use lots and lots of pictures, but make sure they are yours. Sure, you can use a few standard images from the internet to use as an example or demonstration, but try not to make that a habit. Branding is so important to businesses nowadays, so don’t brand yourself with someone else’s work. Take pictures of whatever it is that you are marketing, whether tangible or not.

5. Blogging can be done in combination with other forms of communication, such as adding videos. For example, if you were to add a recipe on your site, perhaps you could also take a video of yourself preparing this recipe? Sometimes your targeted audience will prefer to visualize the process, depending on the topic. Videos are very popular, just look at YouTube, it is not used just to entertain.

We can add so many more tips, but this is probably enough information to get you started. We are a NJ ad agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization Services. We do not outsource our work or automate our process. In fact, you may be surprised to know that you can pick up the phone and call the president of the company.


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