The goal of researching your keywords is to find the keywords that aren’t being widely used by the competition. By coming up with keywords that are less used, you will find yourself higher up on the results list of search engine queries. There are quite a few methods that can be used during your research process for finding just the write keywords to use within your website content.

The easiest tool for keyword searches is Google. By doing a general search for a basic industry term associated with your business you will quickly learn who your competition is and what they’re using in their content. You may find that your results will bring both larger corporations in your field as well as smaller businesses you’re not familiar with. You will now have the knowledge on what potential customers are finding with general search terms.

Once you learn who your competition is it’s important to check out what they’re using to get to the top of that search engine list. There are many sites offering Keyword Density Tools that allow you to insert a website and learn what keywords the tool finds within the site. Sites like these (for example SeoBook) will give you results that vary in word length and give you the density percentage as well as count the amount of times the word or words are used on the page. By taking note of the words your competition is using and how often, you can start to decide which keyword combinations will work best for you.

Another tool that may assist you in targeting good keywords for your business is a keyword suggestion tool like Trellian. This tool allows you to input a simple or “base” keyword(s) that you’re considering. Once you click “search” the tool will then compile a list of keyword phrases that include your base keyword. This will give you a very good idea of the types of phrases that go with the keyword you’re considering. The tool linked above will also give you the amount of times the specific keyword phrases have been searched for in the past year, making this a great way to also see what potential customers are looking for during these searches.

If you have a lot of different keywords coming to your mind once you’ve completed all of your searches, you may want to consider using a tool like MergeWords. The site allows you to add words into three different boxes, so it is important to mentally categorizing the words you plan to use. If you sell custom made clothing, you may want to separate your words into categories like: clothing article type, fabric types, and design type. By entering each word you consider important to your company or products and clicking “merge”, the site will come up with all the keyword combinations that can be made with those words.

From there you may have hundreds of keyword combinations sorted for you. But some of these may not be right for your company or may not make sense in general. So you have to go through the list and jot down those that will work for you. Once you have what you can use, head to Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool. Here you can refine your list by inserting all your keyword phrases and find exact (make sure to choose “exact” under “Match Types”) matches that your competition is using. It will show you how often searches for these keyword phrases are done both globally and locally as well as how much competition is out there for each phrase.

From here it can be valuable to take the list you’ve now narrowed down to and check on how they may do for you. Google Trends allows you to search keyword phrases and gives you the amount of interest in your keywords over a year long time period as well as regional interest. This tool can be great at figuring out where the interest lies within the regions you’re reaching out to.

Finding the right keywords to use for your website may be a tedious job, but in the long run it will bring you more customers. If you’re using keywords that are just like the competition, you may find yourself losing customers to them online. But, if you do the leg work and check out all the details related to the keywords in your field, you will absolutely see the results long term.