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NJ website marketing agency releases the TOP 4 tips on: When & Where to use a #HASHTAG

Many businesses are aware that a hashtag means something and they should be using them, but few know how and when. NJ marketing agency steps up to solve the mystery with 4 easy to understand tips.

For starters, to remove some of the confusion surrounding this mysterious word, replace it with something more familiar. As a NJ website marketing agency, we have found that replacing the word hashtag with the word label immediately settles anxiety. Putting a # in front of a word allows the social media site to group your content by adding a label (hashtag) to it. This is a simple way of indexing your content and allowing people to find it when they search for a keyword or a topic. Because of this, businesses are encouraged to label (#) all of their valuable content in order to drive more clicks and shares.

Are they really that important?

Without boring you with stats and mathematical equations, let’s just take Twitter as a prime example:

-Tweets that contain 1-2 receive 21% more views

-Approximated ¼ of tweets that have none are not shared or re-tweeted

-55% of Twitter users re-tweet when 1-2 #’s are used

There are far more statistics than this, but let’s get to the nuts and bolts of how you use them and when.


Hashtags are a MUST for this visual social media platform. After careful review of followers on this site, it appears that the more you #, the better. Users tend to interact the most with photos that contain 9-11 hashtags. This sounds ridiculous, but when it comes to Instagram, uses your #’s liberally and with purpose. As a NJ website marketing agency, we have discovered that not there are not enough small businesses using Instagram and this is a mistake.


Use no more than 2 and keep them relevant to your content submission. If you are attaching a photo of something, make sure to tag the description of the photo and not just the keyword you are trying to win. You need to establish your business as a reliable source, so adding confusing terms will not help in achieving that goal.


Some think that using a # on Facebook is useless because they do not index in this way. Well, think again because they recently started to! Although not nearly as effective and search driven as Twitter and Instagram, they matter. When it comes to Facebook, use them in a more natural way. Limit it to a maximum of 2 keywords.

Google +:

It is vital that you utilize #’s when you create or share content on your Google + page because they can now be found by doing a search in Google. Even if you forget to add one,  if you go back and look, Google will automatically choose a topic and create one for you based on your submission. What is also interesting is that as you begin to type in your term, Google will automatically provide a drop down with related terms based on your entry,  be sure to utilize this tool. Adding # to comments in others posts can also help you link and associate your brand or product with a specific article. For example, if we add content for our NJ Website Marketing Agency, I may choose  #website as one of the labels. As that is typed in, Google will automatically provide a drop down with related terms such as #websitedevelopment and #websitedesign.


If you retain anything from this article, it should be these 4 things:

Twitter: Do not add more than 2 labels

Instagram: Aim for 9 to 11 descriptive #’s

Facebook: Use 1 easy to understand term

Google +: Use 2-3 -utilize Google drop down for related terms

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