Make sure all Search Engines can crawl your website.

Websites can be created in many different platforms and languages such as joomla, drupal, wordpress, flash, php and many more. One of the biggest mistakes is that Google can’t crawl a website properly so therefore Google can’t index it in the search results. For the most part, this is an easy fix but if the website is created from scratch by someone that doesn’t know what they are doing then there may be a huge issue. One quick tip is to create a robots.txt file that gives access to your website to all Search Engines.  To check if your website is crawlable, setup Google Webmaster Tools at

Eliminate unnecessary website coding errors & speed up.

Google has stated that they take the speed and html validation into consideration when ranking a website in the search engine result pages. If your website has hundreds of validation errors then it’s a huge issue. No website coding is perfect so having a few is natural. Even Google has 23 errors so don’t go crazy trying to fix every little thing.

google validation errors w3

More importantly, the speed of a website needs to be as fast as possible. Eliminating validation errors can help. An easy way to increase the speed is to setup a caching service or content delivery network. Google offers a free content delivery network located at

Create proper titles and descriptions.

One of the most important SEO items is creating great meta titles and descriptions. This is where you get to tell Google what to show as the title and description of your page in the search engine result pages. They give you the power to create interesting and creative content that displays in the search engine. Take a look at our contact us page meta title and description.

meta titles and description

We created our own copy to be placed in the search engine results for SEO purposes. Highlighted are the keywords or key phrases we want to be ranking on Google for. We were able to make copy that fits Google’s guidelines, is grammatically correct and has multiple key phrases within.

Knowing the Big Picture of SEO.

It’s hard to be successful in anything that one doesn’t know about. Do research and find out the do’s and don’ts for on-site SEO. Be careful, there’s a lot of garage and outdated ideas out there. Remember that Google employs some of the smartest people and they know if you are doing any actions to your website that is against their guidelines. SEO is all about providing unique useful content and a great user experience. Keep that in mind when creating a website and it will be ranking in no time.