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NJ Website Design Company – Easy Website Performance QUIZ

As an internet marketing and web design company, we are often questions from new customers. Asking questions is one of the best ways to determine where  someone or something stands. In fact, it is a sign of intelligence. Innovative thinkers and business leaders tend to question things as a way to advance themselves. For Purpose Advertising, here is our top question(s):

How do I know when I need a new website? Is it outdated?

Answer:  Just like everything else, websites become outdated. How will a company or business know? This is actually a very good question. With so many different types of technological advances, many consumers find it hard to keep up. As a NJ Website Design Company, we understand that this can be a very complex issue. For that reason, we have put together a brief quiz. This is for those who may not have any technical skills, so don’t panic.

Just the Facts

Before we get started, we want to share some interesting facts about websites. They may be beneficial to you and your business. As we have previous stated, technology has evolved tremendously. In order to keep up with the competition, you must stay with or ahead of the times. Why?  Read some of our interesting facts to answer that question.

Did You Know?

  • Approximately 80% of internet browsers judge your business based on your site. If you aren’t competitive, your customers may be filtered elsewhere.
  • 75% of users do not move further than the homepage if it appears outdated or unprofessional
  • According to Forrester Research, in 2016 more than half of the United States dollars spent will be influenced (or generated) through the internet.
  • 80% of consumers look to a business website before making a call, scheduling an appointment or shopping at a location
  • 95% of successful brands in the United States use social media buttons on their websites
  • More than 20% of Facebook users have admitted to making a purchase as a result of an ad (or share) they saw while browsing posts.
  • 91% of smart phone users have accessed a retailer or made a purchase using their phone

Quick Website Performance Quiz

NJ Website Design Company  has prepared easy questions to help you to determine whether or not you need professional guidance. Each question is assigned a number value. Keep track of your points and add them up at the end. Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

When was your website last reviewed or launched?

Within the last 12 Months: 0 points
1 to 3 Years Ago: 2 points
More than 3 years Ago : 3 points
Never: 7 points

When you log onto your site, how long does it take to load?

About a second: 0 points
2-3 seconds: 2 points
More than 5 seconds: 7 points

How often do you add content or information to your website?

More than once a month: 0 points
Once a month: 2 points
A few times a year: 5 points
I have never added anything to my site: 10 points

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Yes, it loads fast on my mobile device: 0 points
It loads but it is very slow: 5 points
I think so, but it is hard to read: 5 points
I don’t know: 10 points

Is it easy to add or change information on your website?

It is very easy: 0 points
I call my tech guy for help: 2 points
I didn’t know I could even do that: 10 points

Do you blog on your website or add useful information for your customers?

Yes, all of the time: 0 points
I do, but I should do it more: 5 points
I didn’t know I could even do that: 10 points

When someone asks you about your website, do you?

Freely and easily give it them: 0 points
Tell them to call you instead: 5 points
Make excuses and feel embarrassed: 10 points

Is your website ranking for keywords and generating leads?

Yes, I have a SEO service: 0 points
I rank for a few keywords (I think): 5 points
I always wanted someone to check that for me: 7 points
What is a keyword?: 10 points

Does your website link to your social media accounts?

Yes, I have a SEO service: 0 points
I have a Facebook and Twitter account linked: 4 points
I don’t know how to do that: 7 points
What is social media?: 10 points

Answer Key:
0 Points: OUTSTANDING! Your website is a polished, well-oiled machine!
1-6 points: You are doing GREAT! Perhaps there are a few areas you could use some help with. Try setting monthly goals to keep everything current and fresh.
7-10 points: Your company website is average. It would be a good idea to have a professional evaluation done to make sure you are competitive.
10+ points: You need the help of a NJ Website Design Company right away. Contact Purpose Advertising and let us complete a business evaluation. Our work is not outsourced. When you work with us, you will receive personal attention and custom results.


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Purpose combines the best in class marketing and advertising services with the best account service and attention to detail you come to expect. Our goal is top of mind awareness at the most effective cost possible. We achieve our goals through our process which helps to quickly identify efficient and effective forms of promotion and marketing. We track everything from a website click, site visit, form submission, phone calls, and even video view penetration. We will go so far as to Analyze website click patterns to help you better optimize your website for conversion.

Purpose helps Businesses in New Jersey and throughout the nation increase sales through innovative Marketing and Advertising techniques and methods that are tried, tested, and true. Whether you need a new website development, SEO, inbound marketing or content creation, Pay Per Click marketing, or other traditional sources such as Radio, TV, or Direct Mail, we can help.