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Content Marketing: Why you could be losing leads and revenue if you’re not doing it. What exactly does this mean?

Your eyes may have glazed over when you read the term “content marketing”,  so allow us to elaborate on exactly what that means. Long gone are the days of traditional sales techniques such as the newspaper or radio ads. Nowadays businesses need to invest in online marketing campaigns and the competition is stiff. The main objective to developing content is to establish your company as a reliable source and trustworthy business.

What we are really saying is that you need to write stuff.

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We understand that this sounds like too much work for those already overwhelmed with the day to day tasks of running a business. More importantly, there may be some of you that still do not fully grasp what we are talking about so we will dive a little deeper.

Remember in grade school when you were forced to write a term paper? Well- that is the best way to describe what it is. In this case, it would be an article or post that consists of informative information with 500 words (or more).


What we extra eatraare really saying is that you need to write about something business related in 500+ words. 

TIP: write about what you know best.

What are you to write about? This is probably one of the most common questions. Generally speaking, many immediately go into sales mode, but you should try to stay away from that. You want to provide information that people will find useful, helpful or entertaining-  something worth reading.


Why do you need content to get more business?

This technique is encouraged by search engines therefore boosting your ranking. Google and other search engines reward you by boosting you up in the search list, ultimately driving traffic to your website.  Naturally, there is a catch. This article or post cannot be plagiarized, boring, irrelevant or short. It must be something people actually want to read and if you are lucky, they will share it. It’s the new way of networking and if you are not doing this, you should.

What we are really saying is Google likes it.  If you want to be competitive-  DO IT.


What if you have no time to blog or write?

As one of the leading NJ Website design companies in the area, we understand the needs of businesses large and small. When it comes to blogging, they each present a different challenge, mostly related to time management.

Can I hire someone to do it for me?

Did you know that you can have this done professionally? Purpose Advertising  is more than website development – we also specialize in content marketing (in fact that is what you are reading at this very moment). We will write and post content specifically for you. Once we post this to your website, it is yours to keep, distribute (share) it in any way that you wish. The best part about this is that you own it and people think YOU wrote it. Customers will ultimately see your business as a reliable resource and feel a sense of trust because of it.

targeting audience for SEOWhen you hire Purpose Advertising to manage your content marketing, you will receive complimentary graphics. You’re hiring a team of NJ website design professionals who know that words are not enough. People want a visual.  Therefore if you purchase a content management package with us, you will receive a complimentary custom branded image at the top of each post. After we write, design and post your article – it’s yours to keep, including the image. You may distribute or share any way you wish.

Purpose Advertising is a full service NJ website design and internet marketing company that also specializes in content marketing. We can bring you more leads and establish your company as a knowledgeable resource.

What we are really saying is you need to contact us to get started! Click HERE