nj web design company discusses content marketing

Content Marketing – The Professional Scoop from NJ Web Design Company 

As a NJ web design company and advertising agency, it is sometimes hard to explain all of the services that we provide.  It is even harder to explain the reasons behind our work. One of the hardest concepts is content marketing. It seems like a complicated term, but it is not complicated at all. Many glaze over immediately after hearing it. Hang in there, we are about to share an easy to understand (yet brief) explanation.

Basic Overview of Content Marketing: NJ Web Design Company

Try to imagine logging onto a business website. When you arrive it only contains images. They look nice. At first glance it appears professional and put together. As you begin to scroll, you quickly realize there is no text. There is nothing to read. There are only images and a logo. For some companies,  maybe you could assume what they do based on the images. You would be guessing at what they sell, but few would know for sure. Essentially, this website is as good as a blank page.

Why would the website be meaningless?

This is a simple answer. The obvious reason is because the consumer would not know anything about you or your business. Why would you invest in this technology when you could not benefit from it? You wouldn’t.
What does that have to do with Content Marketing?
Text is another term for content. It is just a grouping of words. Carefully put together words, but words just the same. What if we told you that you are reading content marketing right now? The truth of the matter is that you are. This is a carefully put together informational sheet relating to our business.

Why do you need content?

This is the best way to reach a broader audience. Think back to the website we referenced earlier. The site with only photos. Customers who are unfamiliar with your company would have no way of understanding the services that you provide. You will be taking a chance that someone may call to inquire further. We are pretty certain however, that you did not pay for a website to take a chance.

Inside Techniques and Tips – Purpose Advertising – NJ Web Design Company

Perhaps you already have a few sentences about what you do. That’s a terrific start! But here are a few things you should be engaging in on a regular basis:
Share Current Events: Provide up-to-date information pertaining to what you are providing right now. Outdated information immediately gives the customer a feeling that you are not trustworthy or a respectable business.
Share Something Informative: Informational articles, links or entertaining posts are essential. If you want to stand out above your completion, this is a good way to do it. Shares stories, videos or write a story about something relating to your company.

For example: A construction company may share before and after pictures of a recent project. Under the pictures are details relating to the project.
• Where the home was located
• How long it took to complete the job
• What materials were used
• Details relating to the process

Talk about your business: Share the types of services that you provide. Add relevant and informative information about the company. Be sure to include links and contact information.

If you get stuck, stick to the basics:
• Who – write about the company in general
• What – share information about the services or products
• Why – why they should use you or your products
• How- Contact information including phone number, address, or ecommerce link

There is more to content marketing than just this. The information provided above should get you off to a great start, though.

As a NJ web design company and advertising agency, we provide this type of service for a fee. Some of our services include:

  • High Quality Landing Pages
  • Content for E-Stores
  • Social Media Content (create and post)
  • Complete Website Development
  • Data entry for ecommerce pages
  • Create About Us Pages
  • Repurposing Content for Web Distribution
  • Press Releases
  • Video and Slideshow Creation
  • Email Blasts / Promotional Distribution

What you say or don’t say can speak volumes about your business. However, when content is done properly, it can transform your Company into a Brand. Contact us about our NJ web design services and let’s talk a little more about how we can help.