New Jersey Aerial Video and Photography

New Jersey Aerial Video and Photography

Aerial Drone Photography for New Jersey Businesses

Here is a collection of Aerial Video and Photography from various local New Jersey Events including footage of Southern Regional High School Class of 2014 Graduation, Long Beach Island Lighthouse, LBI surfing, beaches, and more.


Located in Ocean County NJ, We provide Aerial Video and Photography Services with specialized remote controlled Quad Copters equipped with High Definition Video and Photo capabilities. Video resolutions are as high as 1060HD and still photos up to 14 Megapixels.


We can record and capture with very high quality from multiple angles and heights, in many cases hundreds of feet in the air. Bodies of Water and many natural obstructions are not necessarily an obstacle – we have filmed over lakes, Oceans, trees and buildings.


Use aerial photos and videos, along with your flyers, advertisements, signs, and websites. Add some beautiful overhead photos and videos to spice up your business or event. With the growing popularity of drone photography, everyone will be blown away by what they see.

You can Find the YouTube Channel for Purpose Aerial (Purpose Air) here:
NJ Aerial Videography and Photography:


Some great uses for Aerial Pictures or Video footage:

Real Estate and Shore Home

Home Video Aerial Tours

Weddings, Parties, Anniversaries

Jersey Shore Beach Videos

Sports Events, Concerts, Township Events or Founders Day

Major Holidays

Important or Historical Landmarks


Fire Control or Police Services