Nj aerial Photography

NJ aerial photography has the ability to capture moments from a perspective not otherwise seen.

Aerial Videos and Photography now available on the Jersey Shore

Using drone technology, the world is now able to view images and videos of things on a much larger scale. From fireworks, weddings, graduation ceremonies to real estate and business related events- our experienced drone pilot can capture it all in a very unique way. We capture still shots and video ranging from feet off the ground to the height of a soaring bird.

From as long as many can remember, there has been a fascination with things being viewed from above. It is almost as if this angle makes the event, geography or subject more serene somehow. The longing to defy gravity and fly with the birds can be captured in spirit, through the lens of our digital camera.

Allow us to climb to unbelievable heights and create an artisan perspective of whatever it is that is important to you. Recently we have snapped breathtaking images of an historic landmark that has not been seen in this way before. With abilities to fly around and into areas that a video camera may not be able to, there is almost the feeling of virtual reality, as if you are there. In the world of virtual tours and aerial images on websites, large corporations have been working with this technology for a long time now. Although it has not been cost effective in the past, we are proud to offer local businesses and those celebrating special events this unique opportunity as well.



Imagine breathtaking images and videos of:

  • -Weddings
  • -Commercial Real Estate
  • -Residential Real Estate
  • -Virtual aerial tours
  • -On-location images of special events
  • -Reunions
  • -Township Events
  • -Graduations
  • -Landmarks or sentimental places
  • -Engagement Parties and Proposals


Our videos and photos are captured with high definition cameras.

  • Video Resolution: 1060HD
  • Still Shots: 14 Mexapixels

One of the main advantages to this type of service is that traditional obstacles do not stand in the way of our camera. Take for instance the photo of the fireworks, that shot was taken from above the fireworks display.We can go around and above many environmental blocks (such as trees and homes) to get a clear shot, something a traditional camera cannot do.

Our drones have the capability of capturing images to be used on business cards, thank you notes, flyers, advertisements and real estate listings. You will blow away your customers, guests or audience with this technology and everyone will be asking you how you did it. Stand out in the crowd with NJ aerial video and photography.

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