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Is Your Business an Undercover Operation? NJ Advertising Agency helps you find out 


Maintaining and ranking your company on the internet can be a tricky business.  There are many layers to internet marketing and advertising.  While some areas of this practice may be suitable for your type of business, others are not, but how would you know? Also, are your customers able to locate you? We will show you how to perform a quick and easy test.

The problem is that Search Engine Optimization, web design and online marketing does offer a one-size-fits-all program. You can’t buy a how-to book, install a program or follow instruction step-by-step to get the job done.  Unfortunately, there are software programs and other misleading companies that may tell you that there is a simple way to do it yourself, but there isn’t. Please do not take our word for it, do the research. Simply type in any phrase relating to SEO on Google and within minutes you will be overwhelmed with lists, tasks, programming jargon and more. Furthermore, it is important to know that rules, algorithms and various tools of measurement are always evolving and changing.  The giants (such as Google) set new standards for websites and businesses and change them without advanced warning or notice. The intent of this article is not to scare you, we want you to be involved and learn about what it is that we do and possible what we can do to help. We also want to save companies from investing in some of the recent scams our customers have been victims of.

Things YOU NEED to Know

Just like anything else, maintaining a good sound business online takes time and it does not happen overnight. Whether you operate a small business or large corporation, the time has come- you can no longer ignore internet advertising, online marketing strategies,  social media implementation and optimizing your website. So where do you start? It’s hard to answer this question, even as a successful NJ advertising agency and SEO company. The reason is simple, because you are unique. Each business, company or online profile has its own needs and goals. There is one thing for certain, YOU are the most valuable member of your business. There is not anyone else who knows your company, product or service better, so you must share what you know. People are turning to internet for advice, assistance, resources, guides and professionals more than EVER before. You have to ask yourself the hard question: Can these people find you if they need you? Keep reading, we promise to show you how to check for yourself.


We have provided a list of things that our company offers and ways in which we may be able to help you get started. Click on the links and familiarize yourself with what they are, what they mean and whether or not it is something that interests you. Please note that although there’s not a one-size-fits all solution for every company, we do offer packages ranging from start-up to advanced SEO and website design. We do not hide behind the curtain and subcontract out our services, we work with you one on one to achieve your goal. What if you do not have a goal?  We will help you to establish a marketing plan with achievable methods and an action plan. Our mission is to convert your viewers into leads and expand your market reach by increasing your audience online.


Determining Whether or Not Your Audience Can Locate Your Business or Services

  • Go to Google
  • Make pretend you are a customer- looking for your services, product or specialty
  • Use keywords to search for your business (examples provided below)
  • Mix up your keywords, add questions or shorten the description
  • If you have a large service area, use the STATE and not just the town
  • Do NOT use the name of your business 
  • Make a list of these keywords or phrases and then enter them into Google, one by one
  • Scroll through the list that Google provides after entering your keyword or phrase

Were you able to locate your website? Are you listed anywhere?  If you aren’t then, this is where we can help! Stop paying for a website that your customers, clients or members will never find.



5 Examples of a Florist in Barnegat, NJ:

  1.       Flower Shop Barnegat
  2.       Floral delivery in 08005
  3.       Barnegat Florist
  4.       Flowers 08005
  5.       Where can I buy flowers in Barnegat?



Our PURPOSE is to Grow Your Business & Expand Your Targeted Audience

Although we are a NJ Advertising Agency, we  with companies all over the tri-state area (and far beyond). The power of the internet allows our customers to dial in and remain involved in the process, regardless of location. We want to get to know you and hear about the challenges you may be facing and offer solutions to enhance your business or practice. Our extensive experience includes many years working with automotive marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, WordPress website development and management, social media marketing and so much more. We are regular people just like you; we just specialize in a different field. Our team strongly believes that together we can combine forces to launch your business to the next level. Are you ready? Call us or Contact us and let us know what’s on your mind. Our advice is FREE, so why not discuss your needs with a professional? Help us to Help YOU- Click HERE to contact us.