Need to locate a business, service or get a review, what do you do?… You Google it, right?

There are many assumptions about how a customer locates a business or practice when searching on Google, but few know how keywords work or even what they are. Instead of addressing some of the most common assumptions, let’s pull up a chair and have a quick tutorial on: KEY- WORDS.

What are they? These are words that customers or clients are typing in to locate you. It seems basic, right? Well it may not be as simple as you may think. Sit down in front of a computer and act like you a customer looking for what you offer or sell. What words would you type into Google? THOSE words are keywords.  Some are very general, while others are very specific.

Example: Let’s say that I am a landscaper. If you type in the word landscaper into Google, you will find a million results in various different areas of expertise. Now say I am looking for a landscaper and I live in New Jersey. In this instance, the words would be NJ Landscaper/ New Jersey Landscaper. However New Jersey is a large area, more than likely you will be swallowed up in that list and offered services from all over the state. Logically, the next step would be to revise the search by specific area, town or municipality such as -Landscaper in Ocean County.

Research: Now that you have an idea of how to formulate the words, it’s important to understand how they may or may not apply to you. There are many keywords that you can come up with, but are they typed into Google by customers? That is where the research comes in. Each term is evaluated and attached a number (by Google) of searches performed per month. Obviously, you would want to win the words that customers are using the most, right? Our company researches and tests search results and then provides you with a list to work off of. This is something that some businesses could do themselves, provided they have the knowledge base.  Basically the goal is to narrow down select features related to you so that there is no “guess work”. You are provided and handed a list of words that customers are searching for, all provided by an analysis run by Google searches.

What can these do for you business?: The research and implementation of the correct terms will create and build upon the core of your SEO and advertising goals. Learning customer’s mannerisms and shopping behaviors can benefit your business in impressive ways. Not only will you be reaching the intended audience via your marketing plan, but you will also establish a name for yourself and generate more leads. Working off of this list and creating an organic presence on Google, will establish a secure website footing and slowly lift you up the Google search ladder, step by step. Sure, you can pay for an ad and get directly to the top of the list, but when you stop paying, guess where you end up…right back at the bottom. However, if you distribute these words via SEO on your own, then you are essentially climbing the rankings list for free.

Many companies, large and small, feel that the very best place to start is to contact an advertising agency or SEO company for help. Regardless of whether or not you choose to do this yourself or contract a web company, it is important that you understand that you need keywords.