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If you do a Google search for “SEO is dead” or “The death of Search Engine Optimization”, you will see may blog posts, articles, even some videos that are about the demise of this Internet Marketing technique. What makes this interesting is that there are many heavy hitters in the Optimization area that are now proclaiming some major illness or even talk of hearing a death rattle within. What we do know is that Google, over the past year, has really put some major changes in place. You may have heard the term Panda or Penguin or even heard that Google no longer likes domain names that are keyword-heavy. The facts are that the search engines make and redefine the rules whenever they want, and everyone is really at the mercy of these changes.

The marketplace has changed, and the rules have changed and the companies that were doing some black-hat or shady SEO have been penalized, and in some cases removed from Google’s results altogether. Does this mean the death of SEO? Well, it all depends on  how you define it. There are two major components to SEO, and one is the onsite and the other is the offsite. Onsite is defined by the changes done to your own website to include but not limited to, the page title, page description, keywords on the page itself, and often the naming of very specific items such as images. There are obviously many other factors to optimizing your own website, but we are keeping it simple.

For the most part this has changed very little. However, over-optimizing your pages can really damage your love affair with the big Search Engines. Too many keywords repeated too many times for example is a bad thing, and for the most part, it always has been.

Regarding the offsite SEO, this was viewed by many to be “link-building” or the process of getting links to your website on as many sites as possible. This is where the technique has changed drastically. It’s not as much about quantity as it is about diversity and quality of links. Even the thought of link-building has changed. It’s not so much as getting links to your site is a bad thing, but if you are taking shortcuts or automating this process, Google will know, and the hammer will fall down on you.

HELP my Google Rank has fallen and it can’t get up!

The new way of thinking is more of within an inbound-marketing framework, focusing on the creation of good an compelling content to include blog posts (like this one!), videos, even Press Releases and reviews. If you think about putting great content out there, in the right marketing, targeting your buyer or shopper, then for the most part, the rest will fall into place. Good links will be had, just because people love good info and will share this with their friends, coworkers, and family. If you make good stuff, people will come.

Summary of this SEO blog post:

SEO has been redefined. Old techniques do not work. Creating compelling and eye-opening content and distributing this content is the future of marketing. Inbound Marketing should be part of your businesses future plans.