Did you Know? 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keeps Your Company On Top

Today nearly everyone turns to their favorite search engine to do research, go shopping, and find information about specific products and services they are looking to buy. So if your company is not on top of the heap, you are missing an incredible opportunity to do business with prospects when they are looking.

Our solution is a targeted, growth-oriented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy…a viable, big-picture plan that puts you on top in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). And while this is a wonderfully optimistic promise for companies to make, it’s not an easy promise to keep.

Successful SEO Is Easier Said Than Done!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your brand recognition as well as your internet traffic…and ultimately, of course, your  sales and profits.

But SEO is a labor-intensive process that demands an enormous amount of time, a great deal of patience and attention to detail, lots of skill…and much more experience than many companies actually have in this highly competitive arena. Which is one reason so many web developers who promise you top-ranking SEO results cannot actually deliver. This is why so many smart and savvy businesses come to Purpose for help.

SEO Is Our Specialty

Purpose Advertising is at the forefront of SEO technology. Not only do we work with you to more fully understand the ins and outs of your business, your market and the profile of your ideal customers, our talented SEO experts employ the most updated methodology and leading strategies to insure a high rank in all of the major search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimization Methods Have A Powerful Purpose: To Increase Your Search Engine Position



  • Keyword Research and Analysis

The strategy of SEO Keyword Research is not the same as paid Keyword Research. For SEO Research, our purpose is not only to focus and key into the top phrases searched for in your market, but also to identify popular local and regional phrases as well. The point is that determining “winnable” keywords is just as important as choosing phrases that have high search volumes. In addition, we hone down the list to include phrases that connect with customers who are close to the buying process and as far down the sales funnel as possible.

This combination of strategies helps us capture the words and phrases you need to attract qualified buyers, increase sales and beef up your bottom line profits.

Prospect Blueprinting

Just about everyone today is an online shopper.

Ever since Internet penetration has reached critical mass, it’s been a heyday for buyers and a much tougher road for sellers to navigate, thanks to more competition, more choices, more places to showcase your wares, and many more ways to spend your time and hard earned dollars.

So even though most business owners, when asked, say they get business from “everyone” and want their product messages “everywhere,” this is not a realistic option…even with very large budgets, let alone smaller ones.

Which makes Prospect Blueprinting – identifying your best customers – absolutely critical if you don’t want to squander your marketing budget.

Our Purpose is to help you find your  most profitable prospects – for your business, for your market and for your investment.

Competitive Analysis

Who are your top competitors and what are their SEO strategies? Where are they putting their marketing dollars? And are they gradually improving their search engine position or are they floundering?

We have the tools to analyze your competitors’ top keywords, their ranking positions, where they are posting content – and how their strategies are working.

Armed with this valuable information, we can uncover hidden opportunities for clients and keyword phrases they had not previously considered.

For example, by analyzing a small group of competitors for a Purpose client, we discovered a few highly searched phrases that had virtually no competition. After focusing our SEO services to help the client rank high on Google with these newly discovered keywords, we brought many new prospects to their website, not to their competition.


  • Onsite SEO Strategy

If the content on your business site (on-site) is not optimized for the search engines, there is little chance you will achieve any sustainable results. There’s a definite purpose to our Onsite SEO Strategy. We optimize your website, your landing pages and your content for high visibility and best ranking. Typically this involves revamping some of the titles, images, headings, and code to improve the search engine ranking and visiting experience.

Helping the search engines visit and understand your website is as important as creating a user-friendly site. The easier it is for the search engines to do their job, the easier it will be for your business to achieve high ranking.

Services We Deliver…To Deliver More Visitors

  • Optimize Page and Post Titles
  • Optimize Meta Tags
  • Optimize Image, Hyperlink & Header Tags
  • Optimize Robots.txt
  • Optimize HTML Source Code
  • Create XML Sitemap for Google/Bing/Yahoo!
  • Canonicalization / 301 Redirect URLs
  • Proper Share Linking to Social Media Profiles and Networks
  • Configure Google, Yahoo! & Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics Installation


  • Content Deployment Strategy

If your strategy depends on developing content, make sure it not only “speaks” to search engines, it has to “speak” to prospects and other human visitors as well. Then be sure to publish regularly.

Your Purpose here is to inform, enlighten and educate your audience with creative and compelling content with relevant facts, figures, stories and information they are interested in. Once your audience sees the value in your content, they will share it with friends, family, peers and business associates.

Above all, remember that this information dropping is not HARD sell. Rather, it is SOFT touch…to establish you as credible, expert and the “go-to” resource for help and respect in your industry.

Your Purpose Is Content

There are many effective ways to present content including timely press releases, entertaining articles, “fun-to-watch” videos, consistent blogging, and newsletters that are packed with information that people want to read and share…maybe enough to even go viral!

Advice With A Purpose

Aim high. Choose quality over quantity. News over fluff. And make sure your message resonates with friends, fans, and prospects alike. While we don’t know for sure if search engines ignore “boring,” but we know that busy people do. So don’t chase them away with tedious, self-serving, useless content. After all,

they came to you. So help them. Entertain them. Give them the good valuable information they came to you for.

Got A Problem With That?

The truth is, it’s really hard to write readable, enjoyable, attention-getting content. Unfortunately, many novices – and many well-meaning business people trying to save money – think they can write their own copy.

For successful results, entrust your content to a professional copywriter. Someone who has the right words to establish your leadership in the marketplace. Let’s help you connect with your prospects and convince people to buy you what you’re selling.

  • Offsite SEO Strategy

With great content comes great responsibility…especially if you plan to share it over the Internet for everyone to see. Our Offsite Search Engine Optimization Strategy consists of creating and sharing your company’s compelling content and marketing materials in multiple ways and across multiple mediums and sources.

We Will Syndicate Your Content on Various Sites:

  • Top Press Release Sites
  • On and Offline Journalists
  • Blog Sites including your own
  • Guest Blogging Content for top sites
  • Social media distribution across various relevant networks
  • Content Seeding to various niche sites (ie: forums, bulletin boards)
  • Presentation and White Paper Sites

Return on Investment (R.O.I.) Analysis and Monitoring…So How Are Things Going ?

Interpreting the results of your SEO efforts doesn’t have to be confusing or complex. As our Purpose client, you will receive easy-to-read, easy to understand, non-techie reports so you can see how your investment correlates with actual visitors, traffic increases, phone calls, form submissions and, of course, company sales.

Once we evaluate your progress, we continue to build and improve on your success. Along with the wide and growing variety of ways to track, measure, and analyze your results, we never fail to incorporate a large dose of common-sense and the best imaginative thinking only human intelligence can provide.

R.O.I. Analytical Analysis Includes:

  • SEO Ranking Reports on Keywords and Ranking Positions
  • Visual Charts and Maps displaying user site visitations
  • Phone Call Reports by source of traffic
  • Phone Call Reports on specific keywords
  • Goal and Lead Tracking Reports

Questions about buying Search Engine Optimization:

What exactly is search engine optimization (SEO)?
SEO is a combination of many different things one can do online to increase the rankings in search engines. We break SEO into 2 categories, on-site optimization and off-site optimization. On-site includes all means and methods performed within your website to make your site favorable in the search engines. Off-site includes all means and methods performed on websites other than yours to be favorable in the search engines.
Do you guarantee organic 1st place positioning on all keywords?
We would love to have that ability, but we can’t guarantee 1st place rankings. Each business niche has different competition among other websites and some keywords are much more difficult to win then others. However, we are very confident in our services to increase your website rankings for keywords or phrases that many users are typing into Google.
Are there dangers in hiring a SEO company?
Yes, a SEO company could absolutely destroy your website rankings in Google. Google claims that there is no such thing as negative SEO but we have seen it happen to many websites. If you create 10,000 backlinks to a website in a day, you’ll see negative results. Stay away from SEO companies that guarantee 1st place rankings and offer huge link building packages such as $300/mo for 2,000 backlinks.
What are some quick SEO things I can do myself?
Make sure you have a page on all the main social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin). Request business page likes on Facebook and provide information to people. Follow people on twitter, tweet any service offerings and engage in conversation. Follow people on Google+ and +1 people’s posts (they are likely to +1 yours). Network with people related to your business on Linkedin and endorse them on their knowledge (people usually return the favor). This is all about being social, contact us for the much bigger picture.
How long will it take before seeing results?
Typically, after the first month we see an increase in website traffic. In some cases, we’ve seen increases within the first week. It truly depends on your niche and competition. Remember, SEO is for long term lasting results. It’s not an instant get rich quick tactic.
What experience do you have in different industries?
We have worked with many different types of businesses over the years. Without a doubt, we enjoy working with any business. We have worked with but not limited to car dealerships, residential construction, banks, mortgages, real estate, manufacturing, restaurants, and retail. We would love to expand into other markets and will be upfront about our capabilities and expectations.
How do you measure success?
We provide monthly reporting which compares the last month to the current month. Reporting includes but not limited to ranking positions for keywords targeted, visibility percentages in Google, website traffic from all sources, leads, conversions, phone calls, heat maps, Google places impression and traffic, for public relations – press release impressions, reads, interactions, and traffic from search engines. (The above is provided as long as the service is purchased.) Using all the the combined tracking we can see what works for your target audience and what doesn’t.
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