Did you Know?
• Buyers are 25% more likely to verify their purchase with reviews on the internet
• 90% of consumers trust online channels for up to date product reviews and ratings
• 80% of consumers won’t make a purchase after reading a “thumbs-down” business review
It’s More Than Just Water Cooler Talk

Make sure You’re Cool in School

In today’s day and age, everybody uses Google. From trying to find contractors to build a million-dollar house to ordering a pizza. As much as you don’t want to believe, people read and do trust reviews. The experience another person has with your company can make or break a potential decision to do business with you. Reviews are one of the most important factors of the decision making process when it comes to making a purchase. At Purpose, we want to make you look your best on the internet to potential consumers.

Become the Star of the Team

Reputation Management can be simply defined as maintaining a healthy amount of positive reviews online for your business. If you have been suffering because of negative reviews on Yelp!, Google Reviews, CitySearch, or any other review site, we can help you improve your reputation by putting out positive PR and helping you maintain a conclusive reputation.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Wrong Crowd

It is always important to be prepared for negative reviews. The fact is, they are inevitable. At one point or another, someone is going to put up a negative review about you, and possibly several, just because they weren’t 100% satisfied with the job you did. Without proper management, these reviews will impact your business and lessen your credibility.

Help that Special Someone Get to Know you

A negative first review is the kiss of death to any business, online or offline. This one negative review can prevent people from visiting your webpage and thus hindering your ability to do business. Make sure you give your audience a good first impression that will be sure to last.

We Do Your Homework

Purpose can create and execute a plan to help your business, products, and services become the talk of the town. Learn how a glowing review can increase word of mouth, referrals, and overall satisfaction with your customers.

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