Did You Know: Generally less than 2% of shoppers make an inquiry or purchase on their first visit to a website.
Get to Know Your Visitors, Again…and Again…and Again

What Options do we Offer?

  • Search ReMarketing: Combines the effectiveness of search with the reach and impact of display.

Search ReMarketing enables companies to engage consumers through banner/display advertising based on their search history. ReMarketing campaigns can be focused on a broad range of keyword searches performed online, including branded product terms and competitor terms. Search ReMarketing also offers increased reach on high cost CPC search terms at a significantly lower cost.

  • Site ReMarketing: ReMarket visitors to your site with relevant ads that bring them back to buy.

Site ReMarketing utilizes site visit data to re-engage users who have visited your site, but who did not convert. Site ReMarketing is one of the most reliable forms of display advertising, because the prospects it targets have already expressed an interest in your site and products or services.

  • Contextual Marketing: Target ads on sites relevant to your offer using pre-defined categories.

Contextual marketing leverages data related to a consumer’s interests to drive them to a particular site relevant to those interests.  You can engage new customers by communicating messages that resonate with the content they are already consuming. Contextual marketing allows targeting by contextual keywords (site content) or by contextual categories (general site classification or type).

Why Choose ReMarketing?

Since ads can be shown to customers who have previously visited your website, people who see them are more likely to convert simply because they are already familiar with products being advertised. Think of it as giving customers a friendly reminder that they have unfinished business on your website.

A lot of customers abandon their shopping carts because they’re distracted, unsure, or are having time constraints. Often, customers that leave without buying are simply “on the fence” about purchasing your products. Don’t let these users get away. Use ReMarketing to reel window shoppers back in, and turn them into paying customers.

Moreover, ReMarketing strikes the perfect balance between conspicuous and unobtrusive. They are displayed on multiple web pages to ensure that customers don’t miss the ads, BUT unlike annoying pop-ups, they seamlessly integrate with the webpage to ensure that the user’s browsing experience isn’t disrupted.

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