Did you Know? Pay Per Click Advertising, has surpassed $33 billion online.
Efficient and Effective Marketing

“Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying click-throughs.”

Direct Your Success

Earn a larger share of your market through efficient and effective customer targeting. Whether it is to move more products or services, or sell to direct consumers or other businesses, Pay Per Click Marketing can help. As one of the largest media powerhouses, Google has the audience you desire. By placing small targeted ads in front of these shoppers, you can quickly convert them into visitors, and then buyers.

The beauty of Pay Per Click Marketing (also called Search Engine Marketing), is that you do not pay anything for advertising on Google. Not a cent. You pay only when an interested person clicks on your ad. This means better budgeting, more accurate targeting, and efficient advertising.

Produce Results

  • Instant visibility – your ads can be set up and running very quickly
  • Targeting – attract very specific types of shoppers by focusing on keywords they use
  • Cost to enter is small- set low or smaller budgets to test the market
  • Track Return on Investment – hold every dollar accountable

Lights, Camera, Click!

If you’re not sure about running an ad through a third-party company, consider this; will this ad appeal to your target demographic? Running an ad isn’t always the most beneficial option because it will be shown to people with no interest in your product/service. Pay Per Click works differently. When you choose Pay Per Click, you are not advertising to everybody and hoping that someone will see your ad and use you.With Pay Per Click, you are putting yourself directly in front of the people who are trying to find you.

Let’s Take it From the Top.

Purpose Advertising can handle the entire process of setting up and running a successful Search Marketing campaign including:

  • Planning: Define goals and objectives, determine budgets and expectations
  • Keyword Research: Determine the best keywords that your prospective customers are using to find companies like yours
  • Setup: Copywriting, Creation of Ads, landing pages, page copy, conversion tools
  • Execute: Implement an entire campaign on targeted search engines, manage daily, weekly, monthly budgets
  • Track Results: Review objectives and determine return on investment

And… We’re Rolling.

With Pay Per Click at Purpose Advertising, your business will be precisely placed in front of audience. You will have access to information about your customers, such as income range, location, gender, and other profiles. You can then use this information to organize new leads and deal with those leads accordingly. Pay Per Click can also be used to break into a different market, such as a different town, state, or even country. With proper Internet Marketing, your business will be open 24 hours a day.

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