Did you Know? Websites with frequently updated blogs have a higher chance of being visited than those without.
Does Your Business Have a Blogosphere?

Blogging is a growing online phenomenon, giving you endless possibilities to post information, opinions and experiences on a regular basis. The key word here being “regular.” Blogging has opened a different atmosphere for internet marketing, commonly referred to as a blogosphere. This unique form of social networking gives you opportunity to increase sales and profits for your business.

When initiated to its full potential, business blogging can give your business a cutting-edge purpose.

Some of our goals include targeting specific keywords to direct online traffic to our clients websites and getting their websites to rank higher on major search engines. Also, we want to drive more leads and traffic to the clients business, for example, through phone calls and emails. Overall our goal is to communicate with customers to share knowledge and expertise about our clients offered products and services.

How we will do this:

  • Regular updates to the site with content related to what the client offers.
  • Often times the use of relevant articles, questions, and videos that pertain to the information our client wants to focus on.
  • We will submit the blogs to popular search engines to rank the clients website higher on major search engines.
  • A majority of posts will contain optimized search pages and blog posts to target keywords.

Blog posts can include, but are not limited to, product promotion, customer education, news and general information. We want to create a blog that is both personable and beneficial to you, your business and especially your consumers.

How can blogging drive in sales for your business?

  • No red lights: Blogging creates and obtains a steady traffic flow on your website to ensure a growing relationship with your customers. Being consistent in your blog makes you above average to consumers.
  • Acts as a two-way street: Information can be circulated in both directions through a blog. You gain insights on your customer desires, while customers receive the information needed to become confident in your products and services.
  • Put it in park: Be able to control the spread of bad coverage about your business. Blogging allows you to react and respond to negative activity in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Who’s behind the wheel? Blogging gives both yourself and the consumer the opportunity to be in control. Your blog allows consumers to give you feedback and you can take action from this. It is important to create a strong bond between your business and your consumers.
  • Get in the fast lane: Discussion and interaction through blogging opens a window for strengthened trust between you and your consumers and also for the fast spread of information over the internet.

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