NJ website design and SEO for realtorsNJ SEO Company Shares 3 EASY Tips

This is not your general “real estate marketing” pitch. This article is meant to help agents in the NJ area learn more about the current internet trends, tips on generating more leads and what you can do to stand out from the crowd. These are tips that you can do yourself, right now… today.

For starters, let me begin by sharing with you a little bit about myself. I was a Realtor© along the Jersey Shore for approximately 9 years. Perhaps it sounds strange that I am now writing about internet marketing.  Well the truth is I was just like you, at one time.  I would live and breathe real estate. However, the time had come that I had to recognize that I was no longer able to manage my career and a young family.  I had to take some time away from sales, as much as it pained me to do so. Prior to that time, I was a thirsty thriving agent. I was a sponge, always wanting to learn and grown and experiment with new sales techniques. Back then, I could never find places or companies that offered or shared information without paying a fee, and it was very frustrating. Well for those that are/were just like me, I have news for you – FREE professional internet marketing advice is coming your way!

The nuts and bolts of NJ website development and marketing 

Since we all know that real estate is about 80-85% marketing, there is no surprise that SEO (search engine optimization) is a necessity. Ok, have I lost you already? Are you wondering what search engine optimization is? In a nutshell, it is the components that make up a good quality website and therefore translate into more referrals (AKA -leads). See the following infographic for some of the components and layers of SEO; it may be helpful to see the big picture in this way.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

I think that we will all agree that having a website means nothing if it is never seen or found. This is where organic marketing and optimization comes in. Many of you probably thought that SEO consisted of posting to Social Media (such as Facebook and Twitter- to name a few), but the truth is- that’s only a small piece of the puzzle. (refer back to infographic)

I am planning on writing a series of these informative blog posts, as to not overwhelm you with too much information at once.  As a representative of a NJ web design and SEO company (and former Realtor©) my main objective is to help you understand and enhance your current business and website.

NOTE: If you do NOT currently have your own independent website STOP HERE and CLICK HERE. Launching your own website is the very first place that you need to begin. We offer free quotes and a consultation to meet your specific needs.

Regardless of whether your site is in place or not, I have some tips for you that will increase your audience as soon as today. I guarantee that these small changes will impact and enhance your business over time. I am going to start with Social Media, since that is the easiest for many of you to start with.

3 Marketing Tips. When should you start? The answer: Yesterday. 

TIP 1: Open up a Google Business Page

Go to google.com- at the top right you will see a blue “sign in” button, click that and then click “add account”. Next, go to the bottom where it says “create account”. A fill-able form will appear on the right hand side. Type in your information, but always be mindful that this information will be public. Also, try to be creative with your username because this will be converted into an email address.                          Example: Njrealtor@gmail.com. It may take you a few tries to find one that is available- but try to think of something that is easy for people to understand. Navigate through the steps and create a Google Plus Account/Business Page. If this is too time consuming or hard to understand, we create complete social media profiles with our SEO packages, so contact us for pricing information.


TIP 2: Create a YouTube account

Many of you may already have one, but if you do NOT- you should. The beautiful part about this video platform is that your YouTube account and Google account will be linked, making it easier to manage and share videos.  Useful information: Did you know that YouTube can create videos from images? This may be something we discuss at a later time- but ALL agents should be doing this!


TIP 3: Create a BUSINESS page for Twitter and Facebook

You may have a personal page for both of these social media platforms, but business and personal should never be mixed.  If you are marketing real estate on your personal profile, that is ok- but you STILL need a business page. Here is how you do it:

Facebook:  log into your personal account, go to the profile bar on the right hand side and select “Add Page”. This will create a business page. This convenient tool allows both your personal profile and business page to be managed with the same log-in. The added benefit is that clients and customers will not be seeing your personal profile posts (unless you are friends with them). FB pages do not have friends; they have “likes”.  Although this seems to be confusing to some- it works, so don’t question it just do it.

Twitter: create a new account or alter the one that you currently have to represent you as a business. Change your twitter handle if it is currently something unprofessional, just go to your account settings and save the change. If you do not have a Twitter account, you MUST.  Creating a new account is fairly self explanatory. The next step is to begin following people within you area, as many as possible. At the top right hand side you will see a “search twitter” box. Type in an area that you serve and then scroll down to the pop up that says “search for all people for ______”. When twitter accounts are brought up, choose them to follow. Why? This increases your targeted audience and chances of being followed back (which is the purpose of the account). When you have selected a town and followed all of the suggested people, go back and select another town. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


LAST STEP for Today’s Lesson:

You must add to these accounts on an on-going basis. Start out slow- like once a week or every other week. Creating these 4 social media accounts is vital, but adding content them is ESSENTIAL. You can plant a tree to create shade, but unless you feed and water it- it will never grow to provide the shade you needed.  Similarly, you can create these accounts to capture a larger audience and boost your website, but if you do not add to them- your audience and leads will never come to fruition.

EASY things to add: (samples below)

Stats– people eat that UP! How many houses sold last month in your county/town/development?

Pictures– add photos of a HOT listing in the area and create motivation for buyers to call.

Informative links– Town or state links, calendar of events or current news. Remain relevant but never dull.

Keep in mind these 5 things:

  1. This is something that you can do FOR FREE yourself (or hire us to do it)
  2. You need to carve out a day to dedicate to getting this started
  3. This is something that needs to be incorporated into your ongoing marketing plan
  4. This will not change your business overnight
  5. You need to be patient and open minded, as change is often challenging in the beginning


I sincerely hope that this article and recommendations were helpful and useful to you. My intent is to get you started on the right track slowly and efficiently.  Your competition is more than likely leaps and bounds ahead, but not to worry- we can get you there!

For some agents who may be reading , this is the type of thing you simply do not have time for and for others it can be too challenging. Well, here is the good news- we can help! Purpose Advertising is dedicated SEO company in New Jersey that offers website development, internet marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, content development and more. We offer many types of plans and packages for many types of budgets.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer:  Each individual package is different, as are the needs of each one of our clients. Call us or contact us HERE for a free consultation, so that we can answer that question for you.


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