NJ SEO Company - tips for realtors

This post comes as a follow up to an article we last published regarding internet marketing and SEO practices for Realtors and independent contractors. If you do not know what SEO is, please click here for a quick refresher on the subject.

As a re-cap, our last article discussed creating a business page or listing in the following platforms:

  • Google Plus\ Business Page
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

We will now dip our feet into the waters of something that many fear (but shouldn’t) –BLOGGING.

The term within itself tends to create anxiety and confusion, but it is nothing more than writing. There are no mysterious recipes, methods or rules attached to creating a blog. Furthermore, please do not think this type of SEO is too complicated for you- anyone can do it- and we are going to show you how.

BLOGGING BASICS-The Nuts and Bolts

What exactly is it? This is a very good question and chances are that is you search on Google, you will find yourself very overwhelmed with too much information. We are going to break this down just for small business owners and agents in a way that you can understand. So here goes. Realtors, independent contractors and sales representatives are experts in the field of verbal communication, they have to be. Talking and sharing information is essential in the business and they have become masters in this art. Communicating via email, text, calls, voicemail and following up with customers on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis is all part of the job. Well, what do you think blogging is?  It is simply another avenue / tool that you can use to share pertinent information and communicate.

Why should you do it? This is a form of internet marketing that is unique to anyone else out there. Your personal entries will establish YOU as a trusted source in your field, area or specialty. This tool will gain the trust of your targeted audience in ways you have never experienced before. What should you write about?

seo company and ad agency shares blog tipsReal-Estate-Blog-Ideas-ThinkLocal

  • Current Market Conditions
  • Interest Rates
  • The Weather
  • Cost of Living
  • Geographical Statistics (crime, income, population)
  • Homes for Sale
  • School Systems
  • Neighborhoods
  • New Listings
  • Personal Experiences
  • Things to Do / Current Events

These are all of the things that you already talk about when you are with a client or customer, so it’s not complicated to come up with ideas.

Getting Started

There are many different platforms that we can recommend that you use to begin blogging, but we like to suggest you start on your website. If you currently own a site and do not know how to access or modify it- please contact us for help. We specialize in NJ web design and can assist you in upgrading your existing site or create entirely new pages for you, so please click here to tell us how we can help. If you would like to get started right away and do not wish to add content to your website, continue reading.

If you are looking to create an external blog, we recommend that you begin the process with Google’s very own: BLOGGER. Since you have already created a Google business page (last article) this is a VERY simple process. Simply log into your Google account and then log into www.blogger.com. This application is extremely user-friendly and will walk you through the process of creating a personal account.  We have attached a link with step by step instructions on how to create a new Blogger account, click this link if you need further assistance.


If thidownload (2)s is something you would prefer to hire an outside NJ SEO Company to manage, please contact us for a FREE quote. We specialize in content generation, press releases, blogging, onsite and offsite search engine optimization services, social media management, pay per click and so much more.  As an experienced advertising agency, we like to share useful resources and information with local businesses to help them grow and thrive. However, we also recognize that many companies just don’t have the time to establish and contribute to their online profiles. If this sounds like you, please call us @ 888.698.6609 or contact us online for a no-obligation quote.