Use this Automotive Internet marketing “cheat sheet” to see how your dealership is performing on the Internet. Are you conquering all of these areas and performing automotive internet marketing as well as your competitors? Although success or failure in these areas could imply that you need improvement, it does necessarily mean you are not an expert in your marketing area since so many other businesses and dealerships are failing to execute even a small portion of these requirements.

We built this simple checklist and refine it as needed to determine the “health” of a dealership’s website or marketing efforts. Many car dealers feel they have everything handled, or have conquered all that is available online but the truth of the matter is they usually have much to learn or are not succeeding in one area or several.

Take a look through the following and rate yourself, or we can perform a rating for you.

Automotive Internet Marketing Success Checklist:

  1. New Vehicle Marketing Checklist:
  2. Google search displays client franchise with state name (Chevrolet dealer NJ)
  3. Google search displays client franchise with County name (Honda dealer Bergen County, NJ)
  4. New Vehicles Featured on website Homepage
  5. Google Search displays ad to dealer’s website for a model name (Honda Civic)

Used Vehicle Marketing Checklist:

  1. 90% of their Used cars on Craiglist:
  2. Preowned Vehicles Featured on website Homepage
  3. Preowned Specials are on dealer website
  4. Google Search displays link to website for used, franchise, state (certified Honda Delaware)
  5. Google Search displays ad to dealers website for used model search (used Ford)

Automotive Brand and Reputation Marketing Checklist:

  1. Client’s name is found in #1 position on Google
  2. Dealer Rater /Rip Off report is not on Google page one
  3. Negative reviews not found on Google page one
  4. Is your business listed in all yellow page directories?,,,, etc

Online Marketing Link Checklist:

  1. Site has dozens of pages indexed in Google: example, search

Dealer Website Marketing Checklist:

  1. Internet Savings coupon on site
  2. Current Ad on site
  3. Video player on site with compelling video or youtube video
  4. New Car Specials on Site
  5. Used Car Specials On Site
  6. Service Coupons on site

If one of several of these areas are lacking then you may be missing out on some great conversions of traffic into leads. When you are looking for an Automotive Internet Marketing expert, make sure they are looking at all of these areas. If not, contact Purpose Advertising at 609-312-7922.

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