Ad Creation Process

  1. Branding – Branding is key when creating ads. You must show and include your logo/emblem/trademark on all materials created for advertising. This includes all ads created for pay per click.
  2. Create compelling content – when creating Google ads, we don’t have much space to get the message across. This is where our creative team comes in to deliver compelling, short and sweet hook messages. These messages should hit your main product/service topic and make the viewer interested and wanting to ask questions.
  3. Proper linking – the webpage that your ad leads to must be a “landing page”. A landing page is all the content that will sell your products/services for you. This should answer all the questions people have including benefits of your products or services, additional information, why someone should by from you, how your business stands out from the rest, contact information, phone numbers, email, etc.
adwords display ads

The process of creating ads in Google Adwords.

Remarketing and Keyword Display Network Advertising

Remarketing is one of our favorite types of advertising on Google mainly because…. It works! Have you ever visited a webpage and a few days later you see an ad for the website you previous visited? That is called remarketing. With this, you can deliver ads to individuals that visited your website but didn’t convert the first time. Today, shoppers are more experienced with not doing impulse buys on the internet. Many people browse multiple websites before making a purchase or picking a business for a certain service. A lot of times, individuals can take up to a week before actually ordering a product or service. Remarketing will put your ad in front of these people reminding them about what they were previously looking for thus they will definitely know your business exists when its time when they do make a purchase. This is where having creative advertisements on the internet will really drive more business. This is OUR PURPOSE!

remarketing cycle

This is idea of remarketing in adwords and how it works.

Keyword based display marketing is the fundamental style of placing advertisements on other websites in the Google display network. Using our expert keyword research team and tools, we will first find out the best keywords that make sense for your business to appear for. For example, if you sell shoes online, your ads should be on websites that have information related to shoes. If situations are available we will go as far as putting ads on sites for people with foot/back problems because they are more likely to be trying different types of shoes. Using the keyword marketing type will allow us to highly target your audience… did we mention by geographical location as well? The PURPOSE is to give you a positive return on investment when you hire us.
adwords keyword display creation

Example of interesting keywords in a keyword based display network campaign.