A main focus of SEO is to distribute your content to many places on the internet. Google offers an app called “Currents” that you can subscribe to other people’s news feeds. A business can create a news feed by combining your rss feeds, articles from your Google docs, photos from Flickr or media rss feed, videos from YouTube channel, and social updates via Google+ or any other social site that has an rss feed. In a nutshell, you can compile a lot of your content in one place for users to read. For all businesses that have either a blog or any type of content feed, it’s recommended to setup Google Currents and to have your daily visitors join you on Currents. Google is King so why not syndicate your content directly to their app made for people to easily see your content. Although the app has been around for awhile, we have seen an increase in activity regarding Google Currents and SEO is also about being at the right place at the right time.

To get the Google Currents app please scan via bar-code of click on either Android or iPhone images.

Google Currents Android app download

Google Currents iPhone app download

To see how Google Currents works, subscribe to our Currents feed by clicking here:


Leave us a comment about how you use Currents and if you have any success stories!