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SEO for the Automotive Industry- Car Dealer Marketing Agency Shares 3 Tips

For the majority of dealerships, the easiest approach to rank higher in the search results is to allocate a monthly expense for a pay per click campaign (PPC). As a reputable car dealer marketing agency, we agree that PPC should be a part of your strategy- but should never be relied on exclusively. Often this level of paid advertising has been compared to things such as slot machines and arcade games, they work as long as you pay. These campaigns continue to run effectively as long as you keep feeding them money, but immediately stop when the money runs out. There are some very obvious benefits to it, so we are by no means advising against these campaigns, rather suggesting that car dealerships  need to add more these days. 

Generating Buzz and Increasing Leads for Car Dealers- 3 Helpful Tips

Go Organic

  • One of the pieces to the puzzle that many car dealerships overlook is organic SEO. Performing onsite and offsite optimization organically is often not taken seriously and regularly neglected by many businesses. This happens because the results are often not seen right away and many companies demand instant gratification or immediate ROI. The term “organic” is used to describe something that is done “by hand”  or a way of interacting with customers or an audience in a more personal way. Natural interaction with customers by providing real time updates, pictures and useful information should be a part of every marketing plan, regardless of business type. A few examples of this method would include informative content, news releases, branded images  and weekly updated social media sites. Ironically, even though organic content marketing make take more time, it is the most cost effective method with the longest lasting effects of all of the internet advertising options.

Dig Deeper

  • In addition to producing, posting and encouraging shares of your branded content, it is strongly encouraged that all car dealerships evaluate, scan and pour through data related to their competitors. Establishing what others are doing right  will leverage more opportunities to build a broader audience and extend your market share. From link building to SMM (social media marketing), we can take look at the competition to gauge what is working best for them and integrate it into an action plan. Purpose Advertising has the ability to manage, analyze and deliver measurable results for your brand or dealership, ask us how.

Onsite Optimization

  • There is no question that onsite optimization with relevant keywords lays a steady foundation for your business, product or brand, but is it being done right? Did you know that if the onsite optimization is done poorly, it could sink your entire website?   Simply mentioning and strategically placing keywords on one page is not enough, yet over using terms is too much. Enhancing meta descriptions, adding alt text to media inserts and carefully placing keywords without over optimizing (spamming) should be done professionally. Always exercise caution when asking an online source to “auto optimize” your website, as this process should be done manually by an advertising executive or marketing professional. Anytime you hear the word “auto” , think of computer generated. Many of these programs are not equipped to auto-program things like a person would and therefore result in the  loss of leads and valuable customers.


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