Should I buy multiple domains and link them to 1 site?

No. It’s best to keep everything under 1 main domain. If a domain simply forwards to another domain, it has no value. The domain should not be keyword rich and should be your company’s brand name. Micro sites are a different animal tho.

Will buying a new website from Purpose Advertising effect my current rankings?

Not at all. We take all the proper precautions when upgrading old websites to new websites. We make sure all URLs get redirected to the new pages so all the SEO “juice” still carries to your website. Plus if you buy a website from us, you will get the latest technology to be favorable in search engines.

Should I have a blog on my website?

Yes, you should implement a blog section for your website no matter what. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you will instantly rank higher tho. The blog is the section of your website that needs to be constantly updated with fresh, relevant content pertaining to your website.