What are some quick SEO things I can do myself?

Make sure you have a page on all the main social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin). Request business page likes on Facebook and provide information to people.¬†Follow people on twitter, tweet any service offerings and engage in conversation. Follow people on Google+ and +1 people’s posts (they are likely to +1 yours). Network with people related to your business on Linkedin and endorse them on their knowledge (people usually return the favor). This is all about being social, contact us for the much bigger picture.

Are there dangers in hiring a SEO company?

Yes, a SEO company could absolutely destroy your website rankings in Google. Google claims that there is no such thing as negative SEO but we have seen it happen to many websites. If you create 10,000 backlinks to a website in a day, you’ll see negative results. Stay away from SEO companies that guarantee 1st place rankings and offer huge link building packages such as $300/mo for 2,000 backlinks.

Do you guarantee organic 1st place positioning on all keywords?

We would love to have that ability, but we can’t guarantee 1st place rankings. Each business niche has different competition among other websites and some keywords are much more difficult to win then others. However, we are very confident in our services to increase your website rankings for keywords or phrases that many users are typing into Google.

What exactly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a combination of many different things one can do online to increase the rankings in search engines. We break SEO into 2 categories, on-site optimization and off-site optimization. On-site includes all means and methods performed within your website ¬†to make your site favorable in the search engines. Off-site includes all means and methods performed on websites other than your’s to be favorable in the search engines.