Organic SEO involves intricate ways of increasing views/visits to your site by making it “stand out” so that it can climb the results pages of the most popular search engine sites. This is done by focusing content and links around very specific keywords or phrases.

Something that takes place naturally is one of the definitions of the word organic. This is precisely what takes place when ranking your website on search engines, in a natural way. Although the act itself is free to do, it requires a lot of time and knowledge in the field. Some business owners try to establish themselves and do it successfully, while other struggle with the algorithms and time management of the process.

What exactly does it entail? One of the biggest misconceptions is that this type of marketing is directly related to posting to and inviting followers to social media pages. Although social media does play a role in this type of campaign, it is not even ¼ of what it involves. Contributing fresh and relevant content, bookmarking sites under various sources, sharing data with bloggers and creating interesting and valuable articles are just a few of the ways that organic optimization takes place. This work is done by establishing your business as a “reliable and trustworthy source” in your field of practice. Much like building a reputation for your company via good customer service, this creates a website reputation with the giants such as Google and Bing.

What does it not do? It will not launch you straight to the top overnight. Unlike paid ads and banners which will immediately create a page one presence, this takes time. However it has greater lasting effects than banners and ads, as once the banners are taken down, so is your ranking. Think of organic optimization like planting a seed. The fragile seed requires water, protection from the elements and nourishment in order for it to grow and establish solid roots, right? This is oddly similar to how we “plant” your website throughout the internet, by establishing a solid foundation.

The beautiful part about this type of marketing campaign is that it is never too late to start. The ultimate goal of having a business website is to drive traffic to it, right? There is no better way of broadcasting your company and services in an affordable way than by utilizing professional Search Engine Optimization practices or by contacting a SEO company.