Creating a Facebook page (social media) is a wonderful way for businesses to reach out to more current and potential customers. But, just creating a page is only the first step. To truly engage your fans on Facebook and peak their interest you must get them interested in what you have to say. Posting on your Facebook page on a regular basis is important, but it’s even more important to assure that what you post gets your fans talking or sharing.

Some of the best, and easiest, posts that get people talking can just be sharing some type of information. Things like news articles, interesting websites, or even shared posts from people you follow are all great ideas. If you read an article on CNN or Huffington Post that not only interests you, but in some way can be associated with what you do, share it. If there’s a YouTube video that peaks an interest in something your business does, share it. These shares will not only offer valuable information to your customers, but it may also get them interested and spike a conversation.

But don’t just rely on sharing what others have offered online. Get your followers involved by asking simple questions or even quizzing them. When it comes to social media, everyone enjoys getting their thoughts and opinions out there. Consider asking your followers what they like most about a specific product you offer. Or post a fill-in-the-blank style sentence for them to answer. Not only will posts like these engage your followers, but they will also give you insight into what your customers are interested in. You can look back on their answers late and use them to your advantage when it comes to marketing campaigns.

Contests have become extremely popular on Facebook. From small prizes like product discounts to larger free prizes, these contests will not only get your fans involved, but it may also get them sharing the contest with friends who will soon also be fans. Contests on Facebook are allowed, but they cannot be done through Facebook itself. Users must create an outside application that will be accessible through your Facebook page, but that won’t be run by Facebook. But don’t let that deter you. Websites like make creating contests very easy and even allow you to only accept entries from those who have “liked” your page. Just be sure to follow Facebook’s rules and you’ll be off to some fun and successful contests that your customers will love.

Everyone loves a picture! Whether it’s something cute, funny, or promotional, people love a visual. The photos you post on your Facebook business page can be completely serious, such as a new product or a marketing campaign. But it can also be fun, like asking fans to add a caption to a silly photo. If it engages your fans it may likely be shared, offering up your business page as the originator.

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Talk it up on the Social Net

And last, but not least, talk about your business. I don’t mean writing a long drawn out post detailing the history of your company. But give people a little information here and there that they may not have known but would find interesting. Facebook is about being social after all.

In the end, just remember that this is your business’s Facebook page and should remain about your business. Posts can be fun and entertaining, but remember to always have them be linked in some way to what you do. The goal of business Facebook pages is to get people interested and communicating with you, all you have to do is take the right steps to engage them in conversation with one another.