When viewing TV commercials I always ask myself a few questions. First, who is the target audience for this commercial? (Age group, gender, etc.) Second, what is the message and does it get portrayed properly? (Do we now know what this company offers and why?)Third, do they have any type of tracking in place so they know if this commercial works? (800 numbers, unique web URLs, etc.) Lastly, does it even make sense!? (Are the viewers confused about what they just watched?)

Since being involved in Advertising & Marketing (4+ years), I’ve seen some really compelling commercials and I’ve seen some really bad commercials. Sometimes you just have to think… who approved and paid for this commercial? They should get their money back! Another type of commercial I love to see (sarcastically) is when the business owner’s ego is involved. I’m sorry; no one wants to see your house, family or pet in your car dealership commercial. The general public wants to see just 2 things, the cheapest/best deals & why your car dealership is better than others. On the other hand, the best TV commercials are those that get people talking. I’m sure majority of people have been talking about the Allstate mayhem guy. In my opinion, these are on the top list of great commercials. They are funny, compelling, and most important, gets the message across.

The team at Purpose Advertising has been discussing offering a new service of cross promotion when creating commercials. The main idea is to create a great commercial using the budgets of 2 different companies. Each company will have their product/service in the same commercial, promoting both equally. Companies deciding to be involved in cross promotion TV commercials are essentially combining their budgets to create a better quality and well thought out commercial that answers all of my questions I ask myself when viewing another company’s TV commercial.  An example of cross promotion is Heineken and the new James Bond Skyfall movie.

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