On May 20th, Google announced their latest major update to their search ranking algorithm called Panda 4.0. Similar to every update Google makes to the ranking algorithm, this update is targeted to low quality content sites. For those unfamiliar with spammy websites, they are sites that scrape content from other sites and put the content on their website. These sites usually provide poor user experience as well. Websites promoting pay-day loans in particular were highly affected by Panda 4.0 because Google specifically targeted those pay-day loan websites.

Google’s main goal is to provide a great user experience and providing the best possible results when a user performs a search. This is why they have to be forever making changes to their ranking algorithm.

One giant website, Ebay has been significantly impacted by Panda 4.0 in a negative way. Ebay may have been participating in spammy behavior or possibly the way spammers create sites using the Ebay affiliate program may have made Ebay seem like the head of a spammy website farm. Either way, Ebay and people who sell on Ebay will be losing money. After doing some research, it’s calculated that Ebay lost 2/3rds of their overall ranking real estate. Ebay was ranked #6 of the most visited sites on the internet and now they are #25 in just a few days.

How will Panda 4.0 affect you?

Currently, it’s still too soon to know for sure. The most noticeable increases or decreases are for very large websites. For us local businesses, we’ll be able to tell by the end of the month.

Should you be worried about Panda 4.0?

As long as you haven’t been buying links, participating in link farms and scraping content to put on your website, you will only benefit from Panda 4.0.