Time is on Our Side

Here at Purpose we have the manpower and knowledge to create the most attractive and useful creative materials for your businesses marketing needs. From pre-sale to after-sale, we can help you with the entire process. Why would you ever consider outsourcing to the Top Marketing Company in New Jersey? For a few reasons:

We know what your prospective and existing customers are looking for:

Not only have we been collecting information on various types of shoppers and their habits, but we have an arsenal of hand-selected tools that help us find very specific traits of your best customer. For example, our Google Research Tools allow us to see how many people are searching for your specific type of product or service, and also what is trending up in your market.

We understand the media formats:

Sending a newspaper to a pre-teen is not going to help you sell more of your Geriatric Vitamins. Having an understanding of the nuances of the Internet is one of our strengths. Some people like short, distinct, product messages while others want detailed web pages and video. Others may exclusively rely on the referrals of other people in their networks. Still others may prefer visuals. Creating the proper creative materials is more than just coming up with a good message, it also needs to fit into a person’s everyday media consumption habits.

Timing is Everything:

Learning the best day of the week and time of day to send out an email blast to existing customers spread across several continents can take a lifetime of research. The difference of a few hours could cost your business money. Timing of all of your creative is extremely important, and mapping out your plan a year in advance is even more so.

Message in a Bottle:

What you say and how you say it can transform your Company into a Brand, or establish and solidify your Brand in a coveted market. Do not just set your message adrift into a sea of messages. Work it, refine it, and hone it to an edge with which you can strike your success.

Our Creative Services for clients include many offerings and services including:

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