It is no longer a mystery, we all know at this point that content is the king of our internet jungle. The problem seems to be that many are left without knowing what to write about. If you are not supposed to write about keywords, then what should you focus on?

Let’s strip it down the absolute basics and try to start over, shall we? The bottom line is that the things that used to work, no longer help with optimization. Just when we all tapped and drank from the optimization stream, the well went dry.  With that in mind,  let us begin with the do’s and do not’s with regard to the “good old days” and change some bad habits:

DON’T: Write text driven content. Stop it, you need variety in your life. In the past, text was a driving force behind rankings. This could not be further than the truth today, so this practice must end.

Do: Add photos, galleries, infographics, videos and white papers. The main goal is to capture an audience, so write for them; not for Google. Make your information or article interesting and easy to read.

DON’T: Cram title tags and meta descriptions with all of your keywords.

Do: Sell your content with relevant descriptions that will entice users to read and engage in your content.

DON’T: Compose and arrange words based around the highest search volume of phrases. This ties back in with writing for search engines, it must stop.

Do: Aim to educate, entertain or otherwise engage your target audience with information in an organic fashion. Composing useful information that can be shared with others is what you want to aim for.

When it comes to navigating the muddy waters of search engine optimization, it is no wonder many are lost at sea. Know that you are not alone and although it can be difficult to change old routines and ways, it is essential that you do so.

Set those 2015 resolutions and goals and write yourself right to the top!