Coming in at #1 as the worst commercial in the 2013 Super Bowl is….

Go Daddy! Their “Perfect Match” commercial is just one of the most awful things to watch. This is where model Bar Rafaeli and a nerd named Walter kiss grossly for a good 10 seconds. The kiss is really sloppy and makes awful wet noises. What is really bad about this commercial is that there’s absolutely nothing sexy about Go Daddy, in any way possible. They offer fair to par webhosting services. What’s sexy? Definitely not this…

Coming in at #1 as the best commercial in the 2013 Super Bowl is….

Jeep! They decided to go the more serious route with their commercial. Jeep has successfully portrayed their brand as the American family vehicle. This commercial will almost make you cry and the main message is “America is home again”. All the troops arriving home to their families that are excited to be reunited choose a vehicle made by Jeep to get home safely. Any advertising with heart-felt proud to be American theme will sure work. I now want a Jeep!

The 2nd worst Super Bowl commercial is….

Coke! Seriously…. cowboys, renegade gang, camel caravan, and a bus filled of drag queens? Ok they aren’t drag queens but headdress-clad women? They are all racing through the desert to get to a refrigerator filled will coke… Yeah I suppose they tried to go for the viral factor but what does it portray? Cowboys drink coke, crazy tour buses of women drink coke, and renegade gangers drink coke? What happened to their cute polar bear commercials?

The 2nd best Super Bowl commercial is….

Kia Sorento! Their “Space Babies” commercial will have anyone cracking up laughing. It ties in the age-old question, “where do babies come from”. A father makes up this whole crazy story to not tell his son the truth because he is still too young to know. This commercial has 2 of the most type of watched videos on YouTube which is baby and animal videos. The animation is done really well and has the cute/funny factor with all the animals. What is portrayed? At the end, the father voices to the car to play a song and it instantly changes the topic of conversation about “where to babies come from”. This states that the car has the answer to everything you’d need while driving.

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