Automotive marketing is handled in a much different way than standard business practices. When it comes to advertising a car dealership in particular, it is generally a combination of several methods that merge to become one united front.

Generally speaking, the same rules apply to website and off-site optimization as to any other business. However, online marketing alters in the way in which the formula is distributed and the team that empowers it. Dealerships have to engage their sales associates and customer base much more frequently than a traditional company would. Because the product model is always changing, reminding the clients of “what’s new” could encourage them to upgrade and bring in more leads. Also, educating the staff on market trends, website developments and new social avenues is an absolute must nowadays. The general public is not stopping off at the local lot; they are going to the internet to map out their final destination.

Documenting and uploading emails, engaging in social media, re-target marketing, print and radio ads, comprehensive search engine optimization, pay per click and educating employees and engaging customers are but a few parts that turn the “lead machine”. Although this may sound complex and overwhelming, it is what we do.

Here at Purpose, we bring over 20 years of experience in specifically marketing for the automotive industry. To learn more, contact us for a free comprehensive analysis of your current website rankings by clicking here.