Did you know? Each click on your website is a “Vote” for the content your customers want to see. Get a visual map of what’s Hot on your site and learn how to optimize your marketing.
It’s Gettin Hot in Here

A heat map is a snapshot of your business website or homepage on the internet that tracks where a customer “Clicks”. This will help show your customers or shoppers behavior in a visual format. Basically, “hotter” areas will be illustrated on a graph by hotter colors and “colder” parts will have little to no color overlays. This can be a valuable tool in the proper hands as your website can be quickly changed to address the desires of your visitors, and to make it more user-friendly.

example of a heat map
Illustrated above is a heat map of a website with the brighter areas designating more clicks and attention than the other darker or non-overlaid areas.

Hot or Not?

At Purpose Advertising, we use this to help you understand what parts of your website should be in what place. Heat Maps can be used to show you areas of your site that are commonly visited and areas of your site that are seldom clicked on. A heat map can also illustrate where your eyes fall to first on the webpage. By having the more important parts of the webpage in a better area, you maximize your potential for sales or leads. It is also important not to over-saturate your site with irrelevant information. By utilizing a heat map in your website, you can rearrange or completely remove those areas on your site that are not used by your visitors or customers.