Did you know? Over 10 million marketers and websites globally use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of their online presence in real time.
Arm Your Website with the Tools for Success

Google Analytics is by far the most used Website stats and analytics tool on the web. Google Analytics offers easy to use tools, features, and benefits for users of all types- from executive or management level to advertising and marketing professionals and even regular site owners.

Not only can a good website measurement tool track sales and conversions, but also can give you fresh insight into how your customers or prospects are interacting with your online presence. Learn how people arrived on your site, understand your top sources of traffic, and gain insight on how you can keep them coming back for more.

Google Analytics Popularity with website owners:

google analytics popularity

What’s the Use?

Analytics can be used to help your business learn how to improve. This is not just a basic tracking tool, but a real time feedback and response system that can tell you where your Internet efforts are succeeding, and where they can be improved for further success. Some of the features include:

  • Track all of your online traffic from every source
  • Monitor your website visitors “Exit Page” and learn how to keep them engaged on your site
  • Track Conversions and see what website creates the best quality leads, emails, or phone calls
  • Understand the keywords that people are Googling, and discover new phrases to target
  • Compare Year over Year Traffic, or monthly, weekly, or daily
  • View Visual Click reports to see where customers are clicking away, and where they aren’t
  • View Top pages and sections of your website to see what they want to buy

Get on Track

We include Google Analytics tracking services and reports for all of our clients, and have done to since it began. Learn how to identify your traffic, keywords, and activity in your site today, and better understand what your customers want.