Many businesses are beginning to explore and expand their marketing techniques with the use of aerial photography and videos. This unbelievable technology, once viewed as something only large corporations could benefit from, is now available along the New Jersey Shore. In addition to businesses, many are beginning to document their special events in more creative ways such as capturing a special day from above.


How do you capture shots from the air?

Our high quality drone technology captures images from a vantage point never before offered, from above. With the ability to create still images and snapshots from angles considered a “bird’s eye view”, your creativity is only limited by the imagination. We provide photos and videos with resolution as high as 1060HD and still shots up to 14 Megapixels. With amazing perspective shots as tall as the Barnegat Lighthouse, our images present in brilliant hues with details captured only from the sky. From special events to extensive marketing, this technology is setting a new standard in advertising and documenting special occasions.

What kind of business or event would benefit from this service?

aerial photography and videography jersey shore


Real Estate: This up and coming trend in presenting a home for sale is now being offered to those along the Jersey Shore. Over the last 5 years, businesses have seen and embraced many technological advances and this includes Real Estate. For those of us who live along the shore, capturing the attention of second homebuyers or buyers looking to relocate into our area, this service has never been more important. With the ability to not only showcase a home and property features, our high quality HD images and video can present the area and proximity to landmarks in ways never offered before. For many agents, nothing has become more challenging (and expensive) than reaching more buyers and sellers on the internet. There is no mistaking the fact that homebuyers are shopping online before they ever step foot in the door of a prospective home, so why not make your listing stand out in the crowd? Creating a virtual open house does not just have to include the interior walls of a home. Exploring additional dimensions, such as aerial shots, can launch an agent’s career into the atmosphere. This undeniable technology will wow both buyers and sellers and assist the agent (or agency) in establishing a powerhouse reputation in modern marketing. Imagine the impressive presentation of this option when going after a big listing? This type of marketing is also a fantastic benefit to those selling in commercially zoned areas. Instead of taking pictures of undeveloped land, imagine the possibility of multi dimensional photos and video. For those who represent developers, this is also an amazing beneficial marketing tool.

aerial photography NJ

Construction and Development: For many contractors, this service can act as a preventative tool as well as an enhancement to their profession and services provided. With the ability to fly above extreme heights to inspect a part of the building, this kind of assistance can save time, money and even enhance the safety of employees. In addition, specialty contractors such as roofers or commercial builders can present their work in an innovative way. For complete construction sites, we offer time lapse images to present the project in every stage of development. There are many options and creative ways to explore when it comes to development and construction.

Weddings, Special Events and Occasions: Just like the celebrities, you too can be captured on film with pictures from above. This outstanding view brings a totally different perspective to any special event you can possibly think of. From Weddings, Graduations, Anniversaries, Vow Renewals, Sweet 16 Parties, Memorials, Paddle-out’s, Reunions, Birthday Parties and more.


Other businesses and services offered:

  • Resorts, Hotels and Amusement Parks
  • Sporting Events and Tournaments
  • Township Events and Fairs
  • Landmarks and Historical Venues
  • Surveying and Visual Inspections
  • Emergency, Fire and Police Services
  • Location Services

There is no denying the benefits and joy that Purpose Aerial Photography and Videography can bring to your business or personal event. Contact us today to discuss your vision and obtain a pricing quote.