Add a Button on Your Images for People to Pin

If your website is built on a platform such as WordPress or Joomla, it’s very easy to install a plugin to automatically add a pin button to all your images. Once a user hovers over an image, the pin button will show and if the user clicks it they will be redirected to Pinterest with the image ready to be pinned. This makes it much easier for the user to pin images from your website. For an example of the pin buttons please see below:

wordpress pin it button for images

Set Up a Pinterest Business Page and Verify Your Website

Pinterest allows for 2 types of accounts. A regular user account and a business account. Make sure you sign up as a business when joining Pinterest. In order for your pins to show links to your website you must verify it under the settings. The easiest way to verify your website is to upload a html file to your root directory on your web server. Once your account is created, put your business as the title and make a great description for your business. Be sure to analyze the analytics Pinterest provides to decide what and when to pin.

Follow Businesses Related to Yours

Following other business similar to yours can be beneficial. Majority of business will follow you back, thus creating greater exposure. If they provide great content re-pin it and put better hashtags. Easily find related business by searching for related keywords and clicking on pinners.

Respond to Comments Insight-fully

If other users happen to post comments on your images, be sure to comment back. Do not use any slang, you are the professional here. Be insightful, helpful and add in any comedy if possible. This is also your opportunity to engage customers and up-sell your product or service the user is commenting on.

Use Your Website Images

Using your own website images has many benefits such as creating a backlink to your website and increasing brand exposure. Before pinning images, a great practice would be to watermark your business logo and/or website address on the image. When people repin, you’ll get more and more brand exposure. Depending on certain types of companies, you can show the history of your products, showcase your work, and help potential customers discover your brand.

Insert Proper Keywords Within Your Image Name

Naming your images with keywords has the benefit of being shown in the search engine result pages. Also, when users search on pinterest you have a greater chance of being found. For example if you upload an image with the name DSC_845495.jpg, the search engines have no idea what the image is about. If it were named pinterest-leverage-guide.jpg, the search engines will have a greater understanding.

Optimize Your Account

Take advantage of everything Pinterest has to offer. Optimize the description of your business by inserting the main related keywords to the business. In your pins, put hashtags and your website URL closest related to the image. Sometimes, broad keywords are not feasible to be at the top of the search for such as “advertising”. Use longer tail keywords instead such as “advertising businesses on pinterest”.