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NJ SEO Company notices some big changes in 2015


SEO has changed in just a few short years, but the last year has seen significant movement.  NJ SEO Company takes a look at the current changes in SEO practices in 2015:

  1. People are demanding a better result of search result. It is estimated that approximately half of searchers expect to see a result within 2 seconds.
  2. Content must be high quality and relevant to the business or industry. Search engines are looking for the leaders in informative and interesting information.
  3. Any SEO success experienced in the past will more than likely not work in present and will certainly not work in the future.
  4. Topic association is beginning to take the place of keyword tracking. Establishing yourself as a reliable source for a specific topic needs to be combined with keyword integration. Keyword stuffing is long gone and should be discontinued immediately.
  5. Invest time or hire a professional to post to the following:
  • Blogging or newsfeeds
  • Video and/or Podcasts
  • Demonstrations or Slideshows
  • Twitter, Google + and Pinterest (to name a few)
  1. SEO is getting much harder and requiring more work. This NJ SEO Company can see that the trends are moving away from keywords rankings and more towards traffic driven topics.  We believe that this change has come as a result of spammers. Increasing the workload will naturally purge spamming platforms.
  2. Word stuffing reads like spam to Google and other search engines. Write as you would speak, not as you would like the computer to read. You cannot go wrong by writing for your targeted audience.
  3. Creating content that is: Relevant, Valuable and One of a Kind. Taking an article and changing a few words does cut it- Google can read between the lines like never before.


SEO is not just a title; it is a very specific job description. Handling onsite and offsite SEO can be like navigating murky waters for beginners or inexperienced agencies. Should your business require additional assistance or need help from a reputable NJ SEO Company, click here.